Building and Developing our Workforce

As HKIA evolves into an Airport City, we will need a significantly larger workforce with a wide range of knowledge, skills and expertise.

Timely recruitment to support airport expansion

Timely recruitment is critical to support our transformation into an Airport City. 515 new staff joined AAHK’s workforce in 2018/19 to support the operation of HKIA and smooth execution of airport expansion.

Attracting young talent

Growing our talent pipeline in airport management is essential to sustaining our operation and future development. We offer three programmes to attract, develop and retain young people.

Management Trainee Programme
  • Aims to develop management trainees into future leaders.
  • A three-year programme with rotations in core departments, participation in cross-functional projects and assignments, and functional and leadership training.
Graduate Engineer Programme
  • Aims to develop home-grown professional engineers with specific airport-related skills and experience.
  • A Scheme “A” programme accredited by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers.
Summer Internship Programme
  • An eight-week programme for students to experience AAHK’s unique working environment.
  • High potential interns will be given direct entry to the Assessment Centre of the AAHK Management Trainee Programme selection.

Strengthening staff and leadership development

Our annual talent review and succession planning process systematically reviews AAHK’s leadership bench strength and the development plans of key individuals and high potential staff. This is complemented by a Development Centre, which identifies the learning and development needs of our high potential staff.

We continued to enhance the learning curriculum to strengthen staff skills and industry knowledge. In 2018/19, our staff collectively received 57,417 hours of training. The average number of training hours per staff1 is 23.3 hours.

1Average number of training hours per employee is calculated using the average number of employees for the fiscal year (2018/19: 2,462).