Correlation between AAHK’s most important sustainability issues and GRI Standards

Material issues – DefinitionRelated GRI Standards
Economic & Society
Material issues – Definition1. Air cargo strategy – Strengthen HKIA’s air cargo leadership.Related GRI Standards

Market Presence

Indirect Economic Impacts

Material issues – Definition2. Branding & reputation – Enhance the brand and reputation of AAHK/HKIA.
Material issues – Definition3. Connectivity – Strengthen HKIA as the leading international aviation hub, including expansion of HKIA's catchment into the Greater Bay Area.Related GRI StandardsMarket Presence
Material issues – Definition4. Economic contribution – Strengthen HKIA as a key engine for the economic growth of Hong Kong, including job creation, supporting and creating new opportunities for the four key pillar industries.Related GRI StandardsIndirect Economic Impacts
Material issues – Definition5. Infrastructure development – Manage and execute existing and planned significant infrastructure development at HKIA, e.g. the Three-runway System project and other capacity enhancement projects.Related GRI StandardsIndirect Economic Impacts
Material issues – Definition6. Carbon & energy – Manage the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions generated from the operation and development of HKIA.Related GRI Standards



Material issues – Definition7. Green design & construction – Apply AAHK’s green building design strategy and practices in construction projects.
Material issues – Definition8. Waste – Manage the solid waste generated from the operation and development of HKIA.Related GRI StandardsEffluents and Waste
Operating Practices
Material issues – Definition9. Airport safety & security – Provide and maintain a safe aerodrome, and ensure the safety and security of passengers, employees, cargo and other operators at HKIA.Related GRI StandardsCustomer Health and Safety
Material issues – Definition10. Compliance with laws & regulations – Ensure compliance with laws and regulations applicable to AAHK’s own operation.
Material issues – Definition11. Contingency planning – Identify and manage potentially disruptive situations, and respond to and recover airport operations from disruptions and crises.
Material issues – Definition12. Capacity constraints – Address HKIA’s capacity constraints under the two-runway system in light of rising air traffic demand.Related GRI Standards

Economic Performance

Indirect Economic Impacts

Material issues – Definition13. Customer experience – Maintain the highest standards of service quality and enhance customer experience.
Material issues – Definition14. Information security – Protect the confidentiality and integrity of AAHK’s own information assets and personal data.
Material issues – Definition15. Facilities management – Manage buildings, plant and equipment to maintain the highest levels of operational efficiency and quality.
Material issues – Definition16. Innovation & technology – Facilitate the adoption of innovation and technology at HKIA, e.g. robotics, data analytics.
Material issues – Definition17. Attracting talent – Strengthen AAHK’s ability to attract and recruit the right talent.Related GRI StandardsEmployment
Material issues – Definition18. Employee engagement – Develop a team of highly engaged employees who share the same vision and passion to make HKIA the pride of Hong Kong.Related GRI StandardsEmployment
Material issues – Definition19. Employee rights – Respect AAHK staff's basic rights at the work place such as equal opportunities, diversity and grievance mechanism.Related GRI StandardsEmployment
Material issues – Definition20. Employee well-being – Enhance AAHK’s employee well-being.Related GRI Standards


Occupational Health and Safety

Material issues – Definition21. Ethics & integrity – Maintain the highest level of integrity and honesty in conducting the affairs of AAHK and performing duties.
Material issues – Definition22. Occupational health & safety – Provide a safe and healthy work environment for AAHK staff.Related GRI StandardsOccupational Health and Safety
Material issues – Definition23. Retention and turnover – Monitor turnover and strengthen AAHK’s ability to retain staff.Related GRI Standards


Training and Education

Material issues – Definition24. Succession planning – Identify and develop talent at all levels within AAHK to meet evolving business needs and support long-term development.Related GRI StandardsTraining and Education
Material issues – Definition25. Training & career development – Provide training to AAHK staff to ensure that they are equipped with the necessary competencies and skills.Related GRI StandardsTraining and Education