HKIA is an international aviation hub serving the people of Hong Kong and contributing to the social development of the city.

HKIA has a working population of over 78,000. With the demand for labour in Hong Kong exceeding the available labour force, we continue to invest in the airport community to enhance working conditions as well as attract and nurture talent that will make HKIA an attractive place of employment. We also contribute to the social development of Hong Kong by strategically investing in people and skills development for the aviation industry.

2018/19 key achievements:

  • 210 daily bus trips were added to improve public transport access for airport staff

  • Over 40,000 students were enrolled at the Hong Kong International Aviation Academy (HKIAA)

  • Around 170 participants took part in AAHK’s EXTRA MILE community investment project

Careers at HKIA

Attracting and retaining a team of quality staff with diverse backgrounds and expertise is key to maintaining the smooth operation of HKIA. AAHK is continuing its efforts to secure sufficient workforce for HKIA’s current operations and planned expansion through enhancing working conditions as well as attracting and nurturing talent.

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Case Study: HKIAA graduate

Q&A with Ray Li, Airport Duty Manager

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Community Investment

HKIA contributes to the social development of the city by strategically investing in the development of people and skills for the aviation industry.

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Case Study: EXTRA MILE

Q&A with: 1) Michelle Ngai, Loyalty Officer, Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott Hotel – A participant of Working Holiday@Lantau
2) Pavandeep Dhillon Kaur, Accounting Assistant, Asia Airfreight Terminal Company Limited – A participant of The Pioneer
3) Mrs Tsui, Forklift Driver, A&S (HK) Logistics Limited – A participant of EduCare

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Attain accreditation from the Civil Aviation Department for the HKIAA as an Approved Training Organisation for conducting basic air traffic control training
By 2019/20