Materiality Assessment

In preparing our past sustainability reports, we conducted extensive stakeholder engagement as part of the materiality assessment process. Building on previous materiality assessments, and taking into account AAHK’s on-going engagement with stakeholders, we have adopted the following approach to identify and prioritise the sustainability issues to be covered in this report.

Materiality assessment process

Identify potential issues

  • Compiled a master list of sustainability issues from various sources, including material issues identified in previous sustainability reports, business plans, internal policies and management reports, feedback from external review committee last year, media opinions, industry trends, and the GRI reporting framework.
  • 44 issues, including five emerging issues, were identified and grouped into four categories: Economic & Society, Environment, Operating Practices, and People.
  • The five emerging issues are:
    • Climate-related risks and impacts
    • Cybersecurity
    • Data privacy/personal data management
    • Green or sustainable finance
    • Human trafficking

Review & evaluate issues

  • Conducted a short survey of AAHK’s management to assess the importance of each material issue from a business perspective by taking into account:
    • Potential impact(s) and risk(s) associated with each issue;
    • Likelihood of risk/impact; and
    • Severity of impact.
  • Interviews with subject experts on the emerging issues to better understand their development and relevance to AAHK and HKIA.

Senior management validation

  • AAHK’s management was presented with the results of the survey and insights collected from experts’ interviews, and invited to decide the list of most important sustainability issues.
  • As a result, 25 issues were prioritised as the most important sustainability issues for AAHK to address in this report.

The most important sustainability issues for HKIA

This report is structured around five key thematic areas that reflect our priorities. Each area details how we are managing various sustainability issues identified as most important to AAHK and our stakeholders, the progress made and specific actions taken during the reporting year, and any future plans and commitments.

The five key thematic areas are:

  • Our People
  • World-class Gateway
  • Greenest Airport
  • Airport City
  • Community

External review committee

This year, we again convened an external review committee, comprising local sustainability practitioners, to advise on the reporting process, including the materiality assessment process and the material issues identified, and the report itself.

The committee consists of four members:

  • Ms. Shirlee Algire, Executive Manager, Sustainability, The Hong Kong Jockey Club
  • Mr. Robert Gibson, Adjunct Professor, Division of Environment and Sustainability, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • Dr. Calvin Lee Kwan, General Manager, Corporate Development and Strategy, Link REIT
  • Dr. Jeanne Ng, Director – CLP Research Institute, CLP Holdings Limited

Feedback collected from the committee will be taken into consideration in the future development of our reporting and sustainability initiatives.