Greenest Airport

AAHK adopts an airport-wide approach to environmental management, working closely with our airport business partners to manage, reduce, and mitigate HKIA’s environmental impacts.

As a significant proportion of HKIA’s environmental footprint is beyond AAHK’s direct control, we place particular emphasis on encouraging our business partners to participate in our environmental programmes. We frame our programmes by demonstrating the footprint reduction benefits that could be accomplished through collaboration and making these programmes easy, useful, and, wherever possible, free.

2018/19 key achievements:

  • 8.7% reduction in airport-wide carbon intensity

  • 215 airlines, offices, restaurants and retail shops participated in the Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) charging pilot scheme

  • 9 marine ecology and fisheries enhancement projects granted over $10 million from AAHK’s Marine Ecology Enhancement and Fisheries Enhancement Funds

Approach to Environmental Management

Recognising that a significant proportion of HKIA’s environmental footprint is derived from its airport business partners, AAHK works closely with them, evolving its best practice airport-wide approach to develop solutions that are both easy to implement and deliver real value.

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Carbon and Energy Management

While global and regional demand for air travel continues to grow, AAHK works closely with the airport community to decouple its business growth from an increase in greenhouse gas emissions and strive to play a leadership role in contributing to a low-carbon aviation sector.

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Waste Management

AAHK’s approach to waste management is to reduce the absolute amount of waste generated, facilitate waste separation at source to promote recycling, and explore other disposal options.

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Case Study: MSW charging pilot scheme

Q&A with Tammy Fung, Assistant Manager, Environment

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As HKIA and its surrounding waters host iconic and threatened species, AAHK has a duty of care to avoid and minimise adverse impacts on biodiversity during the operation and development of HKIA.

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Launch the HKIA Sustainable Management Recognition Scheme

In 2019/20