Graduate Engineer Programme

Management Trainee

The Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) Graduate Engineer Programme is a Scheme "A" training programme accredited by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE). The programme helps graduate engineers acquire the qualifications to become professional engineers, and provides them with excellent all-round exposure to various airport engineering systems/projects through on-the-job training and attachment.

The programme aims to develop a pool of home-grown professional engineers with the specific skills and experience necessary to implement and operate the Airport Authority’s (AA) sophisticated, mission-critical systems, and meet HKIA's future development needs.

Training Curriculum

During the programme*, graduate engineers undergo intensive classroom, e-learning and on-the-job training, and take on job assignments in a variety of technical functions, which may include secondment to external consultants.

Graduate engineers are guided under the supervision of an engineering supervisor and a training tutor throughout the programme, which equips them with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required under HKIE Scheme "A", allowing them to assume technical and management responsibilities at HKIA.

General Training ActivitiesBuilding Services / Electrical / Electronic / Mechanical Engineering Streams (2-year programme)Civil Engineering Stream (3-year programme)
Corporate Induction 1 week 1 week
Departmental Induction / General Professional Fundamentals 6 weeks 9 weeks
Design Practices / Project Programming / Procurement 51 weeks 62 weeks
Tender Preparation and Evaluation / Contract Administration 22 weeks 24 weeks
Specific Project Attachment / Other Skills 24 weeks 60 weeks

* The two-year programme is applicable to graduates entering the Building Services, Electrical, Electronic and Mechanical Engineering streams. The programme for Civil Engineering graduates lasts three years.

The Person

We welcome university graduates with the following attributes and competencies to apply:

  • A major in Building Services / Civil / Electrical / Electronic / Mechanical Engineering
  • Strong analytical, planning and problem-solving skills with good business acumen
  • Team players with good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent command of spoken and written English and Chinese. Knowledge of Putonghua is preferred.
Career Progression

Career Progression

Graduate engineers receive professional training in a range of disciplines to develop their long-term careers at HKIA, following a progressive career plan designed to ensure their ongoing personal and professional growth.


Eugene Leung (Electrical &Mechanical Engineer)

Eugene Leung (Electrical & Mechanical Engineer)

"Take on new challenges and fly high"

I enjoy taking on new challenges, and the AA's Graduate Engineer Programme is exactly what I look for.

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Looking back to my life as a graduate engineer, the well-structured Programme offers me a chance to rotate among different areas, gain experience, exposures and develop all-round skills to be a professional engineer.

I delivered the first high-speed automated Baggage Handling System (BHS) in Hong Kong as well as other major BHS enhancement projects for a better passenger experience. I am lucky to be part the large-scale projects, where I managed the entire project life cycle from conceptual design to hand-over, through leading a team of multinational experts from renowned companies. Working with pioneer technologies and 24/7 operative mission critical BHS is just as challenging as carrying out heart surgery. Both technical and management skills gained in my early career life are proven to be highly valuable towards being a professional engineer.

Being able to contribute to a world-class airport servicing millions of passengers every month is truly rewarding. Applying for the Graduate Engineer Programme is one of the best choices I have made in my life.

May Chan (Assistant Engineer)

May Chan (Project Engineer)

"Honoured to witness the historic expansion of our airport"

I was assigned to the Third Runway Division when I joined the AA.

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I was grateful for the valuable opportunity given to me to play a part in the most remarkable deep cement mixing (DCM) project, the first DCM application for land reclamation in Hong Kong. The AA, as the pioneer of this technology, has helped launch a new era for environmentally friendly non-dredging land reclamation. It has also allowed me to gain exposure to all-round training, including areas that have technical, as well as marine and environmental aspects. Thanks to the strong support from the AA’s experienced engineers and international professionals, I received valuable knowledge and skills and was able to take every challenge as a valuable learning opportunity to enhance my professional growth.

Jesse Chan (Graduate Engineer)

Jesse Chan (Assistant Engineer)

"Once-in-a-lifetime experience in the airport expansion"

Being a graduate engineer in the Third Runway Division (TRD) is a rewarding and unique experience.

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I am honored to play a part in expanding Terminal 2 to provide full-fledged passenger services including arrivals and departures facilities. I gained valuable experience from both substructure and superstructure construction.

Working with AA's experienced engineers and international professionals has allowed me to gain all-round exposure for my professional growth. The technical and management skills acquired will make me a better engineer. Also, with the support from the senior management, 'Young Engineers Talks' and various training are arranged to broaden our knowledge of TRD, airport operations and in a wide variety of engineering fields. These are excellent opportunities to learn from the challenges and successes of different projects which are essential to the Three-runway System.

It has been my aspiration to contribute to the airport expansion after I completed the summer internship in AA. There is no doubt that joining AA's Graduate Engineer Programme is the best start of my professional career.



Our next recruitment exercise for the Graduate Engineer Programme will be scheduled in the fourth quarter of 2023. More details will be available in November 2023.