World-class Gateway

We are committed to strengthening HKIA’s position as a world-class airport and a gateway from Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area to the world.

As Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area (GBA)’s ever-growing aviation demand reaches the limits of the airport’s existing capacity, we remain committed to operating a world-class airport that provides a safe, secure and welcoming airport experience.

2018/19 key achievements:

  • 31.4 complaints received per million passengers, a 7.6% decrease compared with 2017/18

  • 14.5% reduction in number of injuries per million passengers

  • 44 e-Security Gates installed as part of our ongoing plan to implement a single-token travel experience

Passenger Experience

AAHK is progressively upgrading HKIA to redefine people’s expectations for a smoother and more personalised journey.

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Safety and Security

Ensuring the safety of its passengers, staff and airport operations is always AAHK’s first priority in the aviation sector.

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Contingency Planning

Given the range of potential disruptions and crises that may affect the operations of HKIA, AAHK has put in place systems and processes to predict, identify, manage and minimise the associated risks.

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Case Study: Contingency measures for responding to the measles outbreak

Q&A with David Jea, Senior Manager, Business Continuity Planning

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