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ESG Ratings and Recognitions

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The Airport Authority (AA) places sustainability at the centre of its long-term development and operation of Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA). The AA goes beyond mere compliance by seamlessly integrating sustainability into its business strategies and operations, showcasing leadership within the airport sector and Hong Kong as a whole. 

AA is dedicated to transparency and undergoes continuous assessments by renowned ESG rating agencies, as well as participating in esteemed sustainability-related awards. Below is the list of the awards and recognitions that serve as a testament of AA's sustainability efforts.

ESG Ratings
Since 2022, the AA has obtained ESG ratings from the Standard & Poor (S&P) Global Ratings and Sustainalytics.
  • Rating: Low risk with a score of 10.3
  • Top 4 among the 86 airports evaluated
  • Top 3 percentile globally in terms of ESG performance
  • Top-Rated ESG Performer (2023 and 2024)
  • Last updated: November 2023
  • ESG Rating Report in 2022
  • ESG Rating Report in 2023

Awards and Recognitions

HKICPA Best Corporate Governance and ESG Awards 2023 – Gold Award in the Most Sustainable Companies and Organizations section (Public Sector/ Not-for-profit (Large) Category)
Standard Chartered Corporate Achievement Awards 2023 – Leadership Award under the Sustainable Corporate (Environmental) category
HKMA Hong Kong Sustainability Award 2023 – Merit Award (Large Organisation Category) and Excellence in Innovation
Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence 2022 –Long Participation Award in the 15th Anniversary special award
HKACE Customer Service Excellence Award 2022 – Bronze award under Excellence in Environmental, Social and Governance Award
TVB ESG Award 2022 – Grand Outstanding ESG Award, Best in ESG Practices, Best in ESG Report and ESG Project Innovation Award