Access to Information

Access to Information

  1. The Airport Authority ("the Authority") has designated an Access to Information Officer for promoting and overseeing the application of the Authority's Code on Access to Information.

  2. Requests for information may be made by letter or application form and addressed to:

    Access to Information Officer
    Airport Authority
    HKIA Tower, 1 Sky Plaza Road,
    Hong Kong International Airport,
    Lantau, Hong Kong

  3. The following information is available on the Authority's website:

    1. details of the Authority's organisation and its business; and
    2. the Authority's publications, including its annual reports, master plans, sustainability reports and press releases.

    The information you request may already be contained in the above source.

  4. Processing requests for information requires use of the Authority's resources. The Authority will therefore require payment for providing the information. Other than publications which are available free of charge, or at cost specified, the following photocopying charges will be levied:

    1. Black and white on A4 or A3 size paper    HK$1 per copy
    2. Colour on A4 or A3 size paper                    HK$2.5 per copy

    Photocopying made on both sides of a sheet will be counted as two copies. The above charges may be subject to revision.

  5. For enquiries, please contact our Access to Information Officer