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Airport Authority

Filming / Photography

Applying for a permit

Please send in your application details via fax (+852 2188 7120) or email. Your application should include the following:

  • A detailed shooting plan with photo reference to clearly indicate the locations of shooting and set-up;
  • A list of crew and talents;
  • An equipment list;
  • The storyline (storyboard) and the script of the airport shots;
  • A plan on how the shooting will be carried out; and
  • Insurance Certificate for Public Liability Insurance.
  • Charges
    • Rent

      • Inside terminals – HK$12,000 for the first four hours and HK$3,000 for every subsequent hour*. A minimum charge of four hours is levied for any shooting.
      • Outdoors – HK$6,000 for the first four hours and HK$1,500 for every subsequent hour*. A minimum charge of four hours is applied for any shooting.

      * Partial hour is considered a full hour.

    • Security deposit

      A security deposit equivalent to the estimated total charge for the project (estimated rental costs plus other costs) is required. The estimated total charge, plus the security deposit, must be paid before a Filming Permit can be issued. Actual fees are calculated on completion of the location shooting.

  • Public Liability Insurance (PLI)

    The Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA) requires insurance cover for filming in the terminals (NOT WITHIN 20 METERS OF AN AIRCRAFT) of HK$20 million and HK$20 million for outdoors. Higher insurance cover may be required for very large or complicated projects and for filming projects that are within 20 metres of an aircraft and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


    The applicant must provide a copy of the duly executed insurance policy or certificate of insurance for Public Liability Insurance cover issued by the insurer / insurance broker including the following information.

    • Name of the insurer(s) if the certificate is issued by the insurance broker;
    • Description of the scope of coverage (It is a requirement that the policy should cover the insured's legal liability for third party bodily injury, death and property damage (including costs and expenses of litigation));
    • Name of insured (The policy should name all parties involved in the filming activity).

    In addition, it is necessary to add the "Airport Authority" as an additional insured and to incorporate the following clause (or similar wording as the "AA" may approve) into the insurance policy / certificate of insurance.

    "It is hereby understood and agreed that the indemnity granted by this Policy shall extend to the Airport Authority, who shall observe, fulfill and be subject to the Terms, Conditions and Exclusions of this Policy in so far as they can apply.

    The Insured and the Airport Authority shall for the purpose of this Policy be considered as a separate and distinct unit and the words "the Insured" shall be considered as applying to each party in the same manner as if a separate policy had been issued to each of the said parties and the Insurers hereby agree to waive all rights of subrogation or action which they may have or acquire against any of the aforesaid parties arising out of any accident in respect of which any claim is made hereunder provided nevertheless that nothing in this Clause shall be deemed to increase the Limit of Indemnity in respect of any one occurrence or series of occurrences as stated in the Schedule to this Policy."

    • State the limit of liability: The limit of liability should only apply to any one accident. An aggregate limit for any one period of insurance is not acceptable.
    • State the period of insurance.
    • State the activity and geographical limit: The insurance has to cover the filming activity to be carried out at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) or any specified location at HKIA.

    **An application will not be considered unless the applicant has duly provided the executed insurance policy or certificate of insurance.

    The AA reserves the right to request the applicant to provide additional details - such as location, time, size of the crew, set up, information about the shooting process – to the AA's insurance consultant for advice on the limit of liability and any special terms required.

  • Venue availability
    • Non-restricted area

      • Low usage areas of the terminals;
      • Filming is allowed in outdoor non-restricted area under the AA's control except where there are safety or operational concerns.
  • Recommended times for filming

    As a general rule, filming will only be considered during non-peak hours (01:00 - 05:00 hrs). Filming during holidays should be avoided.

  • Application processing

    Assuming that all relevant information has been provided, a Filming Permit will normally be granted within 7 working days. Large or complicated projects requiring special arrangements may require more than 7 working days.

    For further enquires, please call +852 2183 3316.