Safety, security and contingency planning

Ensuring the safety of the thousands of airport staff and the millions of passengers travelling through our airport every year remains our top priority. Moreover, we also need to be well prepared to predict, prevent and, where necessary, respond swiftly to all potential disruptions and crises that may affect the smooth operation of HKIA.

Virtual Aircraft Loading Bridge Operation

Q&A with Michelle Ho, Manager, Standards & Service Delivery

Weathering the storms – Rapid response and recovery from typhoons

Q&A with Albert Ho, Assistant General Manager, Airfield

Greenest airport

We collaborate with our airport business partners and the wider aviation industry and adopt a systematic ‘airport-wide’ approach to manage, reduce, and mitigate the airport’s environmental footprint, with particular focus on the management of solid waste, carbon and energy, and biodiversity.

Working together to achieve AAHK-wide ISO 14001 certification

Q&A with Kristy Tan, Manager, Environment, AAHK

Passenger experience

We are deploying the latest technologies to ensure we continue to enhance the passenger experience and deliver the high level of service that passengers expect from us.

Real-time baggage arrival notice with MyTAG

Q&A with Inez Ko, Manager, Smart Airport


Maintain an overall satisfaction score of at least 4.86 (out of 5)

Complete in 2018

Achieve an Airport Composite Safety Index not exceeding 3.78 injuries per million passengers

Complete in 2018/19

Reduce airport-wide carbon intensity by 10% compared to 2015 levels.

Complete in 2020

Reduce/recycle/recover 50% of all waste generated at HKIA

Complete in 2021


Maintain an overall sati...


Achieve an Airport Compo...


Reduce airport-wide carb...


Reduce/recycle/recover 5...