Competitive remuneration

AAHK offers a comprehensive and competitive remuneration package, including medical and dental coverage, insurance plans, retirement schemes and child care subsidy, to our staff. In 2017/18, we continued to enhance staff benefits, in particular those relating to employee well-being and family-friendly practices.

Employee communication

To foster an open communication culture conducive to building teamwork and collaboration across AAHK, different channels are deployed under AAHK’s Employee Communication Framework to cascade corporate messages, listen to employees’ voice, and promote cross-departmental communication.

Employee Communication Framework

Cascade Corporate Message
Dialogue with Chairman

The Chairman shares his thoughts on the future outlook of HKIA with senior staff members and provides encouragement to the team in meeting future challenges.

Town Hall Meeting

The Chief Executive Officer shares the latest plans and updates of AAHK with all staff.

Listen to Employees’ Voice
HR Outreach Programme

Newly launched in 2017/18, HR colleagues reach out to frontline staff at their workplace to better understand their working environment, thereby providing appropriate support.

Mingling with Management

Starting from 2017/18, regular mingling sessions are organised to enhance direct communications between senior management and staff amidst a relaxed atmosphere.

Promote Cross Departmental / Team Communication
Business Talk Series

Department heads share the latest development and corporate initiatives in their areas of responsibility.

Q&A with Queena Pun, General Manager, Organization Development & Rewards and Anna Kong, Manager, Organization Development

How was the Programme developed?

“In light of HKIA’s expansion and with the new senior management team on board in 2014 and 2015, we took the opportunity to review our corporate vision, mission, and values. While our goal as a leading international aviation hub remained unchanged, our corporate values were refined and consolidated into “5Cs”.

In 2016/17, the Culture Promotion Committee conducted focus group meetings with over 130 staff at different levels to collect their views on ways to build a better work environment. Based on their suggestions, we began developing initiatives to strengthen staff collaboration and cross-departmental communication. The Cross-departmental Team Building Programme is one of the key initiatives, which enables staff from different departments to get to know each other and experience how a collaborative environment can create synergy and help yield the best results through teamwork.

We started the Programme with the senior management team in September 2017 and cascaded to senior manager in early 2018. The Programme will be expanded to middle managers and all frontline staff in 2018/19.”

Why is it critical to promote team collaboration across AAHK?

“With the 3RS and other significant enhancement projects in the pipeline, and the expanding team to support the operation and development of HKIA, cultivating stronger bonds among staff and fostering a collaborative work environment that promotes teamwork and partnership, care and mutual support has never been more important.”

What are the key takeaways from the Programme?

“A major takeaway for our colleagues was to understand the working styles of people across the organisation. They learned about their own working style, as well as those others through the “Colour Test” [a test to help identify people’s preferred working style], understanding the importance of having a mixed team, and hence appreciating the differences.

Another highlight was to experience the power of “We” through the development of the “Big Picture” and “Airport City” model. “Big Picture” is a large picturesque canvas consisting of 24 small canvas arts produced by senior managers, and “Airport City” is a model combining various parts of a city constructed by middle managers. Our colleagues were amazed by how their small individual contributions can turn out to be two pieces of artwork.”

Are there any special or memorable moment that you would like to share?

“The unveiling of the “Big Picture” during a Management Mingling Session with senior managers was truly a special moment for us. It symbolises the concerted effort of the participating colleagues and the appreciation of teamwork. Besides, it is encouraging to see the overwhelming responses from our colleagues, including the request for permanently displaying the “Big Picture” at our office building.”


“Engaging team building activities encourage us to make positive changes in the way we work to build a stronger team!”

Quote from participant

Queena Pun, General Manager, Organization Development & Rewards and Anna Kong, Manager, Organization Development

Participants of the Team Building Programme apply their artistic skills to the “Big Picture”.

The “Big Picture” and “Airport City” exhibits at HKIA Tower.


AA Staff Club

The AA Staff Club, sponsored by AAHK, continues to enhance the well-being of employees through organising recreational, social, sports and interest group activities on a regular basis.

Airport visit for AAHK staff, their family and friends

Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations with traditional Chinese lantern display

AA Family Fun Day 2017 @ Disneyland

Gift box making for White Day