Building and developing our workforce

As the global aviation sector continues to grow, meeting the labour needs for the existing operation and the planned expansion of HKIA is a constant challenge. We have stepped up efforts to build and develop our workforce.

Strengthening corporate culture

Embodied in our vision, mission and values, our corporate culture is key to sustaining HKIA’s long-term development. We continue to promote AAHK’s “5Cs” core values through a range of culture promotion initiatives.

2017 WIT Grand Award: Baggaholic Team

Q&A with Charles Li, Leader of Baggaholic Team

Enhancing staff engagement

An engaged workforce who share the same vision and passion to make HKIA the pride of Hong Kong is essential to our success.

Cross-departmental Team Building Programme

Q&A with Queena Pun, General Manager Organization Development & Rewards and
Anna Kong, Manager, Organizational Development


Promote the Work Improvement Team programme to the airport community to encourage new ideas for value creation in the workplace

Complete in 2018/19

Cascade the organisation-wide team building programme to middle managers and frontline staff

Complete in 2018/19

Introduce wellness programmes to promote and enhance the well-being of staff

Complete in 2018/19


Promote the Work Improve...


Cascade the organisation...


Introduce wellness progr...