Sustainable workforce for HKIA

Attracting and retaining high quality staff is key to maintaining the smooth operation of HKIA. However, the demand for labour, especially skilled workers, in Hong Kong exceeds the available labour force. We are continuing our efforts to secure sufficient labour for HKIA’s current operations and planned expansion through enhancing working conditions, and attracting and nurturing talent.

Take off with a career in aviation – HKIAA

Q&A with Taurus Wong, Instructor & Course Design Manager


Social contribution

HKIA is not only a key transportation facility serving the people of Hong Kong, it also contributes to the social development of the city by strategically investing in the people and skills development for the aviation industry and creating a platform to support the development of local technology.


Q&A with Justin Li, Manager, Community Relations


Attain international accreditation for the HKIAA as a full member of ICAO’s TRAINAIR PLUS Programme

Complete in 2018/19

Set up the second Airport Preschool to expand childcare services to about 100 children

Complete in 2020


Attain international acc...


Set up the second Airpor...