Our People

We aim to attract, develop and retain quality staff who share the same vision and passion to make HKIA the pride of Hong Kong.

Operating a world-class airport requires a competent and engaged workforce. In light of this, we focus our human resources strategy on fostering our corporate culture, strengthening staff development and enhancing staff engagement, which contribute to augmenting AAHK’s Employee Value Proposition. This is critical for attracting and retaining talent to support the airport’s sustainable growth.

2016/17 Key Figures
464  new
to support airport expansion
turnover rate
25  Work
formed for continuous improvement
57  summer
experienced AAHK’s unique working environment
 100  senior
participated in the ‘Dialogue with the Chairman’ session
28  training
hours per
representing a 15% increase over 2015/16

Future Targets

Extend the Work Improvement Team programme to all divisions to reinforce the culture of continuous improvement in Q1 2017/18.
Arrange organisation-wide team building programme to further strengthen collaboration across AAHK starting Q2 2017/18.
Refine and link the Summer Internship programme with the Management Trainee recruitment programme to maintain talent pipeline in Q2 2017/18.
Cascade talent review process to identify high potential employees and development needs in Q4 2017/18.
Commence the second round of “HKIA-Heathrow Staff Development Exchange Programme” in Q3 2017/18 for international exposure opportunities.