Sustainable Workforce
for HKIA

Over 73,000 people work at HKIA. By 2030, the number of direct jobs associated with HKIA is expected to increase to 123,0001.

Attracting and retaining high quality staff is key to maintaining the smooth operation of HKIA. However, the demand for labour, especially skilled workers, in Hong Kong exceeds the available manpower. We are continuing our efforts to secure sufficient manpower for HKIA’s current operations and planned expansion through enhancing working conditions, and attracting and nurturing talent.

1Source: ‘An Update of Airport Master Plan 2030 Economic Impact Study for HKIA’, Enright, Scott & Associates Limited, March 2015

Enhancing Working Conditions

Enhancing transportation services

The Airport Transportation Liaison Group, which comprises representatives from AAHK, Transport Department, public transport operators, and airport business partners, has secured further improvements to the transportation services:

  • Over 570 bus trips per day were added between HKIA and other parts of Hong Kong in 2016/17.
  • Six new airport express bus routes (“A” routes) were introduced in 2016/17, providing more direct service and shorter journey times.
  • Four overnight express bus routes (“NA” routes) were launched in 2016/17, in addition to four “NA” routes started in 2015/16.
  • A free overnight staff shuttle service takes staff from remote areas of the airport island to the overnight express bus stops.

Upgrading working conditions

  • Three airport staff canteens, located in Terminal 1 (T1) and the Midfield Concourse (MFC), offer special staff meals at affordable prices.
  • Two additional staff resting lounges were opened at the MFC in April 2016.
  • We established an Airport Preschool to support working parents at HKIA.
  • Additional staff amenities, including a community centre, a multi-purpose sports hall and fitness centre, and staff canteen will be included in the extension building adjacent to the existing Car Park 4.

Airport Preschool

With a strong commitment towards promoting family-friendly practices, we established an Airport Preschool providing childcare service at an affordable fee to staff of the entire airport community. The preschool, which opened in March 2017, is the first corporate-affiliated facility in Hong Kong providing care and early education services for children under the age of three.

The preschool is an all-win initiative. It demonstrates AAHK’s commitment in providing a caring support to airport staff, helping them to strike a healthy balance between work and home life, thus contributing to building an engaged workforce. Through the concerted efforts of AAHK, the service provider and other external stakeholders, the preschool has been well-received by the airport staff. We also received positive feedback from different stakeholders including other employers at HKIA. We hope the success of the preschool can help promote and encourage other companies in Hong Kong to implement family-friendly practices.

In its first phase, the preschool provides childcare services for 46 children of airport staff in the airport community. By 2020, the preschool will be expanded to provide places for about 100 children.

Attracting and Nurturing Talent

Key initiatives

In addition to the annual HKIA Career Expo, we organised job fairs in our neighbouring communities such as Kwai Tsing and Tung Chung.

Key initiatives

We regularly organise talks and visits to the airport for students from secondary schools and higher education institutes. In 2016/17, we hosted 120 airport visits and briefings for about 4,600 students. We also offer a summer internship programme to undergraduates and students on vocational education.

Key initiatives

In 2016, we established the Hong Kong International Aviation Academy (HKIAA), which is Hong Kong’s first civil aviation academy.

Hong Kong International Aviation Academy (HKIAA)

AAHK set up the HKIAA in 2016 with the objective of attracting and nurturing talent for the aviation industry and establishing Hong Kong as a regional civil aviation training hub. HKIAA rolled out the first batch of courses in April 2017. As of August 2017, over 1,200 students had enrolled. The total intake is expected to reach around 3,000 by the end of 2017.

HKIAA partners with local and overseas education bodies, vocational training institutions, industry practitioners and other organisations to offer a wide range of aviation-related courses that target both in-service practitioners and potential new entrants to the aviation sector. This includes a certificate course in airport services and operations for secondary school graduates, which involves four weeks of lectures and a 12-month industry internship.

A permanent venue for HKIAA is being constructed as part of the T1 Enhancement Projects. Meanwhile, we will further develop the curriculum and work towards attaining accreditation from the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) for HKIAA as a TRAINAIR PLUS Associate Member by Q3 2017/18.