Building and Developing our Workforce

Building and Developing our Workforce

As the global aviation sector continues to grow, meeting the manpower needs for the existing operation and the planned expansion of HKIA is an on-going challenge. We have stepped up efforts to build and develop our workforce.

Timely Recruitment to Support Airport Expansion

Timely recruitment is critical to support the three-runway system (3RS) and various capital works projects. To this end, we have formulated a comprehensive recruitment plan and formed a cross-divisional task force to closely monitor the overall recruitment progress. As a result, more than 280 vacancies were filled for these projects in 2016/17.

Attracting Young Talent

Being the only airport in Hong Kong, growing our own talent in airport management is essential to sustain our operation and development. During the year, we continued to enhance the Management Trainee (MT) Programme by further refining the recruitment process, and enriched the Summer Internship Programme. We also run the Graduate Engineer Programme to attract quality candidates to support our long-term development.

Briefing on the future development of HKIA to management trainees and graduate engineers

Summer Internship Programme

Visit to Integrated Airport Centre

Group Project Presentation & Programme Completion Ceremony

Celebrate the completion of internship programme

Our Summer Internship Programme aims to provide students with an opportunity to experience AAHK’s unique working environment and obtain an understanding of the aviation industry.

The programme was enriched to provide students with well-structured training courses, site visits and project assignments during the six-to-eight-week internships. We recruited 57 students from local and overseas institutions in 2016, representing a 33% increase over 2015.

Looking ahead, we will continue to strengthen partnership with local universities and link the Summer Internship Programme with the MT Programme to maintain talent pipeline in Q2 2017/18.

A summer intern in 2016 – Michael Ip
Q:Why did you apply for AAHK’s Summer Internship Pogramme?
A:I was intrigued by the worldwide reputation of HKIA, its operational efficiency and commitment to sustainable development.
Q:What was the most memorable on-the-job experience during your internship?
A:It was a unique experience to learn about the day-to-day operations of HKIA, especially those happening behind the scene, such as airfield operations and baggage handling.
Q:How did the internship with AAHK prepare you for working life?
A:Apart from technical knowledge and hands-on working experience, I also gained various soft skills that are crucial to my working life, for example, communication and knowledge management skills.

Strengthening Staff and Leadership Development

To ensure AAHK’s sustainable growth, it is imperative to develop talent at all levels to meet our evolving business needs.

Our leadership development efforts were further institutionalised through a systematic Talent Review and Succession Planning process. Development plans for key individuals and high potential employees are closely monitored. A Development Centre has been designed to help identify development needs. The new Leadership Competency Model, which was revamped in line with AAHK’s new Vision, Mission and Values, has been incorporated into the Performance Management System and learning curriculum.

To facilitate learning and benchmarking of best practices from other world-class airports, the first round of “HKIA-Heathrow Staff Development Exchange Programme” commenced in October 2016.

We continued to enhance the learning curriculum to strengthen staff development. In 2016/17, our staff collectively received 49,520 hours of training. The average number of training hours per staff1 is 28.0 hours, representing an increase of 15%, from 24.4 hours in 2015/16.

1Average number of training hours per employee is calculated using the average number of employees for the fiscal year (2016/17: 1,771).

HKIA-Heathrow Staff Development Exchange Programme

In March 2016, we signed a partnership with Heathrow Airport under which both airports collaborate to deepen innovation and achieve world-class passenger service.

As a key component of the collaboration, the “HKIA-Heathrow Staff Development Exchange Programme” was launched in October 2016. Two staff members from the airport operation teams of each airport took part in the three-month exchange programme to gain new skills and perspectives.

The second round of “HKIA-Heathrow Staff Development Exchange Programme” will commence in Q3 2017/18. It will cover other operational areas such as retail and commercial. We will also explore the opportunity for running similar exchange programme with other hub airports.

Sharing from AAHK’s delegates

Herman ChungAssistant General Manager, Baggage Handling, AAHK
The striking similarities between Heathrow Airport and HKIA mean that our knowledge and experience are applicable to one another. This exchange programme creates a win-win situation for both airports.
Michelle HoManager, Standards and Service Delivery, AAHK
It is quite fascinating to know that the challenges in airfield operations of the two airports are so similar, such as capacity constraints, manpower and communication with service providers.

Strengthening Corporate Culture

To promote and reinforce our corporate culture and values among employees, we established the Culture Promotion Committee (CPC), with cross-departmental membership at management level, to formulate strategies and initiatives in March 2016.

In 2016/17, the CPC engaged over 130 staff members at different levels through focus group to collect their views and suggestions. Based on their feedback, we have developed various initiatives covering improvements in staff collaboration, communication and appreciation of AAHK’s “5Cs” Core Values. The CPC will further its efforts on culture promotion.

AAHK's "5Cs" Core Values
Care for people and environment
Can-do attitude and willing to walk the extra mile
Embrace change and think out of the box
Continuous improvement
Strive for excellence and continuous learning
Teamwork and partnership
Care for people and environment

Reinforcing the Appreciation Culture

To reinforce the appreciation culture, we revamped the Staff Recognition Programme to recognise staff members with outstanding achievements and performance reflecting AAHK’s “5Cs” Core Values.

Revamped Staff Recognition Programme

In October 2016, we enhanced the Staff Recognition Programme to give wider recognition to individual staff and multi-disciplinary teams delivering outstanding achievements.

The revamped two-tier programme offers awards at corporate and departmental levels. The Corporate Recognition Programme is further categorised into the Outstanding Employee Award and the Outstanding Team Award. Individuals or teams need to uphold our “5Cs” Core Values and be considered a role model for other staff members.

In 2016/17, the Corporate Recognition Programme attracted an enthusiastic response. Five outstanding teams and seven outstanding employees received awards from the Chief Executive Officer at our annual dinner held on 4 January 2017.

Outstanding Team Award Recipient – 3RS Endowment Funds Team

Outstanding Team Award Recipient – SKYCITY Event Organising Team

Outstanding Team Award Recipient – SkyPier-Mission Possible

Outstanding Team Award Recipient – Technovation Team

Outstanding Team Award Recipient – Vehicle Tracking System (Phase I) Implementation Team

Fostering a Culture of Continuous Improvement

We launched the Work Improvement Team (WIT) programme in April 2016. It offers a platform for practising AAHK’s Core Values in the workplace by providing opportunities to participating members to suggest and implement self-initiated projects related to daily operation.

Work Improvement Team (WIT) programme

The WIT programme was introduced in April 2016. It aims to empower frontline staff to strive for continuous improvement through identifying operational challenges in their workplace and implementing improvement measures. It is also an effective channel for AAHK’s Management to listen to ideas and “outside-the-box” solutions from frontline staff.

The WIT programme was first launched to frontline staff in the Airport Management Division in 2016/17. They were encouraged to form teams to examine work practices and suggest improvements in key areas such as service quality, work methods and procedures, systems and technology, teamwork and collaboration.

The programme also provides learning opportunities to frontline staff through various skills training, company visits and WIT conference. Road shows and experience sharing sessions were also organised to help the WIT members understand more about the programme and facilitate their participation.

25 WIT teams comprising 138 employees participated in the 2016/17 programme. Six teams were selected and recognised for their creative solutions. The WIT Grand Award went to Project Team “Fishing” which established a set of docking guidelines unique to HKIA that facilitates faster and easier airbridge parking, and hence, improves the service standard.

Riding on the success of 2016/17, we will extend the WIT programme to frontline staff of all divisions across AAHK in Q1 2017/18.

2016 WIT Grand Award winner – “Fishing”

Enhancing Staff Engagement and Communication

Competitive Remuneration

To ensure the remuneration for our employees is competitive with the market, we conducted another review in 2016/17 to validate our salary structure following a thorough remuneration review and the implementation of a new salary structure in 2015/16. Moreover, we continued to enhance staff benefits, in particular those relating to employee well-being and family-friendly practices such as medical plans, marriage leave and Airport Preschool Subsidy.

Employee Communication

An engaged workforce is essential to our success. We have developed an Employee Communication Framework to drive systematic and comprehensive communication across AAHK, for example, through management outreach programmes and team building activities. We also started the very popular Business Talk Series since January 2017 at which department heads share the latest development and corporate initiatives in their areas of responsibility. These all can help promote cross-departmental collaboration.

We organised the first ‘Dialogue with the Chairman’ in September 2016 for over 100 senior staff members where our Chairman shared his thoughts on the future outlook of HKIA and provided encouragement to the team in meeting future challenges.

Furthermore, regular employee recreational activities were organised through the AA Staff Club.


“Dialogue with the Chairman”

Sports and community activities organised by AA Staff Club

Sports and community activities organised by AA Staff Club