Dear Stakeholders,

Last year we continued to make good progress in making HKIA a better place for our business partners and their staff to operate and work, and to contribute to the economic and social development of Hong Kong.

HKIA is a community. Its ongoing success relies on the performance of every company operating here. AAHK's role is to create a platform that facilitates their business and operations, and integrates the work of all parties to strengthen the overall performance of HKIA.

For instance, to capture the fast-growing market of temperature-controlled cargo, we have adopted an ‘airport-wide’ approach, working together with the cargo terminal operators, ramp handling operators and home-based carriers to collectively pursue Centre of Excellence for Independent Validators in Pharmaceutical Logistics (CEIV Pharma) certification from the International Aviation Transport Association (IATA).

To foster a family-friendly work environment for the airport community, we established the Airport Preschool to provide childcare services so as to present a more attractive working environment for working parents at HKIA. An expansion of the preschool has already been planned as part of the Terminal 1 Enhancement Projects to provide places for more children.

On the environmental front, following the completion of our 25% carbon reduction target in 2015, we announced a new airport-wide target of reducing carbon intensity by 10% by 2020 compared to 2015 levels. We are working closely with our business partners in pushing forward a low-carbon HKIA.

Our vision is to establish HKIA as the Hong Kong people’s airport. We have created a platform for local artists and performers to showcase and promote Hong Kong’s unique culture and character, and for local start-ups to generate, test and implement technological solutions to improve airport operation. We also plan to issue a retail bond, as part of our funding plan for the three-runway system (3RS) project, to provide an opportunity for the general public to participate in our business.

As the demand for air travel in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta (PRD) region continues to grow, we will continue to develop HKIA by investing in people, hardware and software, and ensure we have the capacity to capture for Hong Kong all the opportunities of operating a world-class aviation hub. This report summarises the work we have done in the past year and sets out our future plans and goals. I invite you to read this report and share with us your ideas on ways to make HKIA an even more successful airport.

Fred Lam Tin-fuk
Chief Executive Officer
Hong Kong, October 2017