Airport Authority

Board Committees

Pursuant to the Airport Authority Ordinance, the Airport Authority may establish committees to consider matters relating to specialised areas upon which they advise the Board and/ or, where appropriate, decide on matters within the ambit of that particular committee. The structure and terms of reference of Board committees are reviewed by the Board from time to time in light of the Airport Authority's evolving business and operational needs. The last review on the structure was conducted in July 2015. Most of the Board committee members are independent non-executives. Details of current Board committees and their principal duties are as follows:

  • Audit Committee and Finance Committee

    The Audit Committee and Finance Committee (ACFC) is responsible for reviewing the Airport Authority's interim and audited annual financial statements; considering matters relating to internal and external audits as well as the Airport Authority's internal control and risk management systems; and reviewing annual budgets, financial plans, financing strategies and charging policies. Please click here for the ACFC's terms of reference.

    The ACFC is chaired by Mr Adrian Wong. It currently has six members including its chairman.

  • Business Development Committee

    The Business Development Committee (BDC) is responsible for looking after all commercial and business development (excluding 3RSC) and PR matters. Please click here for the BDC's terms of reference.

    The BDC is chaired by Dr Allan Zeman. It currently has seven members including its chairman.

  • Human Resources and Remuneration Committee

    The Human Resources and Remuneration Committee (HRRC) is responsible for reviewing the Airport Authority's staffing, remuneration and employment policies, as well as terms and conditions of employment. It also makes recommendations to the Board on issues such as annual corporate goals and performance measures, variable compensation and salary review. Please click here for the HRRC's terms of reference.

    The HRRC is chaired by Ir Billy Wong. It currently has five members including its chairman.

  • 3RS and Works Committee (3RSWC)

    The 3RS and Works Committee (3RSWC) is responsible for overseeing the 3RS project and other capital works projects from planning, project implementation to successful completion of the projects on time and within budget by advising and making recommendations to the Board on all key works-related matters, reviewing the policies and strategies pertaining to the procurement of 3RS and other works contracts and consultancy agreements and making recommendations to the Board on subsequent tender award; reviewing and making recommendations to the Board on contract variations; monitoring the progress and implementation of mitigation directions/ measures and other commitments as undertaken in the 3RS EIA Report and advising on AA's execution plan and ensuring smooth implementation of works projects. Please click here for the 3RSWC's terms of reference.

    The 3RSWC is chaired Ir Dr Lo Wai-kwok. It currently has eight members including its chairman.