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The Airport

Aviation Logistics Services

Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) is a world-class airport offering comprehensive aviation logistics services. Learn more about our reliable and efficient services below.

Our Services

  • Aviation Fuel Service System

    Ensuring reliable and sufficient supply of fuel for around 1,100 flights that take off and land at the airport every day, HKIA’s efficient aviation fuel supply system consists of two key elements – the On-airport Aviation Fuel System and the Permanent Aviation Fuel Facility (PAFF).

    The On-airport Aviation System includes:

    • 12 storage tanks with an aggregate capacity of 220,000m3
    • A twin-berth receiving facility at Sha Chau Island capable of accommodating barges up to 6,000 dwt (the facility functions as an emergency back-up after the commencement of operations at PAFF) 
    • A hydrant distribution system on apron
    • A refueller calibration area

    Management and operation of the On-airport Aviation Fuel System is franchised to AFSC Operations Limited by the Airport Authority (AA).

    PAFF is located off-site from the airport in Tuen Mun. It includes:

    • A twin-berth jetty capable of accommodating ocean-going oil tankers from 10,000 to 80,000 dwt
    • 8 storage tanks with an aggregate capacity of 264,000m3
    • Twin submarine pipelines connecting PAFF with the airport via Sha Chau

    Operation of PAFF is franchised to ECO Aviation Fuel Services Limited by the AA.

    Since the commencement of service in December 2010, PAFF has provided a safe, stable, secure and efficient supply of fuel for HKIA’s sustained development.

    For more details regarding PAFF, please visit the PAFF website.

  • Aircraft Catering

    The three aircraft caterers at HKIA have a combined capacity of 198,000 meals per day, providing a range of in-flight catering services, from preparation and assembly of in-flight dishes to food delivery logistics and storage of catering utensils. The three franchisees, Cathay Pacific Catering Services (HK)LSG Lufthansa Service Hong Kong and Gate Gourmet Hong Kong, provide total customer satisfaction by enforcing the highest hygiene standards and maintaining consistent product and service quality.

  • Aircraft Maintenance

    HKIA is a centre of aeronautical engineering and aircraft maintenance. We possess world-class facilities, the know-how and workforce to deliver the most advanced aircraft maintenance and engineering services. There are 24 maintenance stands, one engine run-up facility, one compass calibration pad and four aircraft base maintenance hangars to serve different plane models.

    There are three aircraft maintenance franchisees at HKIA: Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering and China Aircraft Services provide both line and base maintenance services, while Pan Asia Pacific Aviation Services specialises solely in line maintenance.

  • Business Aviation Facility

    The Hong Kong Business Aviation Centre (BAC) has a total site area of 16,000 m2 and is equipped with an elegant executive terminal and three hangars to provide customers with one-stop services, including passenger handling, flight planning and administration, ramp handling, customs, immigration and quarantine facilitation, into-plane fuelling, line maintenance, catering and security.

  • Ground Support Equipment Maintenance

    To maintain safe and efficient operations at the airport, HKIA’s business partners Dah Chong Hong - Dragonair Airport GSE Service and Ground Support Engineering provide repair and maintenance services to 10,140 Unit Load Devices, as well as ground support equipment and vehicles.