Conservation of the Tung Chung River

28  September  2018

Photo provided by Green Power
Photo provided by Green Power

With the aim to nurture a greener community, environmental NGO Green Power's In-To Tung Chung River project was launched at the YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College in Tung Chung on 23 September. Funded by the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) Environmental Fund, the three-year project enables Green Power to conduct comprehensive ecological monitoring and raise public awareness of the value of healthy river ecosystems.

Green Power has created a model for proactive collaboration to raise awareness on how protection of the ecological value of the Tung Chung River help enhance the river's value as a community asset by bringing together the Airport Authority, the government, NGOs and the local community. The project is designed to support the government's plan to develop a new Tung Chung River Park as a key component of the Tung Chung New Town Extension.

The government departments involved include the Civil Engineering and Development Department, the Drainage Services Department and the Water Supplies Department. Through the collaboration among the departments, the project aims to rehabilitate about 600 meters of the river channel, integrate drainage and flood prevention functions, and ensure good water quality at the upstream section of the Tung Chung River as part of the Shek Pik Reservoir.