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Over HK$10 Million Granted to 11 Fisheries & Marine Ecology Enhancement Projects from Independent Funds


(HONG KONG, 11 August 2023, 1730hrs)  –  The Marine Ecology Enhancement Fund (MEEF) and Fisheries Enhancement Fund (FEF) have granted a total of over HK$10.7 million to 11 projects for a 12-month period from 1 July 2023 to 30 June 2024. The funded projects are managed and carried out by universities, research organisations, and associations from the fisheries industry.

Under the MEEF, over HK$5.4 million has been granted to eight projects, on subjects including repurposing shellfish shells to reduce landfill waste and restore marine habitats; assessing the ecological impacts of human activities on the coastal wetlands; examining the potential ecological risks posed by microplastics and weathered microplastics and their absorbed pollutant in the marine environment of the North and Southwest Lantau; and more.

Under the FEF, about HK$5.3 million has been granted to three projects, namely a Tai O fishing village tourism project; an in-depth tour project aiming to enhance the public’s understanding of the importance of fisheries and marine ecology conservation; and a project to establish and apply a pathogen-free grouper fry culture technique in Hong Kong.

Applications for the MEEF and FEF are assessed and chosen by independently operated management committees based on criteria including the proposed projects’ objectives, past performance, methodology, manpower, resources and budget. The management committee members comprise scholars and experts from related fields as well as representatives from green groups and fishermen’s associations. They will also monitor the progress and outcomes of the funded projects.

The MEEF and FEF are independent funds set up with the aim to enhance the marine environment, ecology and fisheries resources. Airport Authority Hong Kong has injected a total of HK$400 million into the MEEF and FEF.  About HK$80 million has been granted from the funds to support marine ecology and fisheries projects to date.

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