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AAHK Welcomes Budget Speech’s Support to Airport City Development


(HONG KONG, 22 February 2023 – 1930hrs) - Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK) welcomes the Financial Secretary’s support in the Budget Speech 2023/24 to the developments at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) under the Airport City strategy.

AAHK is taking forward various infrastructure projects under the Airport City strategy, including the Three-runway System (3RS), SkyPier Terminal, SKYCITY and projects related to logistics.

Last November, AAHK and Zhuhai Municipal Government signed a Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen cooperation, including the development of a high-end aviation industrial park in Zhuhai, the feasibility of which is being studied by AAHK together with the HKSAR Government, Guangdong Provincial Government and Zhuhai Municipal Government. The Zhuhai park will facilitate aviation-related industries such as aircraft maintenance, production and distribution of aircraft parts, and engineering research. Complementing Zhuhai’s park, AAHK is planning to set up a new aviation business park on the airport island, focusing on research and development and commercial services. The new business park on the airport island will also support the operation and business under 3RS. AAHK is conducting a preliminary study on the relevant development. 

Since the relaxation of restrictions on inbound travel, the passenger volume of the airport has been increasing in past few months. To ensure sufficient manpower supply for the recovery of the aviation industry, AAHK and the Government are looking into potential solutions to the manpower shortage. We are also thankful to the Government for attaching importance to the nurturing of talent for the aviation industry. The number of first‑year training places of the “GBA Youth Aviation Industry Internship Programme” co‑organised by the Hong Kong International Aviation Academy and Mainland institutions will increase from 300 to 450 to encourage more young people to join the aviation industry, with a view to meeting the long‑term demand.

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