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Arrangements by AAHK on Mourning Former President Jiang Zemin


(HONG KONG, 5 December 2022, 1700hrs)  –  Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK) expressed deep sorrow over the passing of Former President Jiang Zemin, and extended deepest condolences to Former President Jiang’s family.

AAHK has shared with its staff members the link to watch live broadcast of the memorial service on 6 December 2022 and observe the three minutes’ mourning in silence at their work locations on a voluntary basis. AAHK’s subsidiaries will adopt the same arrangements.

Live broadcast will also be set up at a venue in the HKIA Tower for staff to watch the memorial service on a voluntary basis.

AAHK’s contractors and its business partners of the airport community are advised to take note of the Government’s announcements and make appropriate arrangements.

The National Flag and the Regional Flag at Hong Kong International Airport have been flown at half staff since 1 December.

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