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Airport Authority to Facilitate the Implementation of 3rd Dose COVID-19 Vaccination


90% of Airport Staff Vaccinated

(HONG KONG, 3 November 2021, 2100hrs) – Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA) will continue to facilitate the Government’s vaccination programme by implementing the arrangement of the third dose of COVID-19 vaccine for relevant airport workers.

The “Targeted Group” of airport staff who have unavoidable contact with transit/transfer passengers, foreign air crew and high-risk cargo when carrying out duties have all received two doses of vaccine and are tested every three days. The AA will continue to work with all airport companies on the implementation of the third dose.

The AA announced that all staff entering the airport restricted area have been fully vaccinated, except those with medical reasons. In addition, 90% of all staff from more than 270 companies at the airport community have also been vaccinated. The AA has required all of its staff to be vaccinated. To date, around 97% of the staff of both the AA and Aviation Security Company Limited (AVSECO) have been vaccinated.

Other preventive measures in accordance with Department of Health (DH) requirements and advice include designating separate dining areas for passengers and airport staff; mandating local ground staff to avoid contact with air crew and passengers, and requiring staff to wear appropriate protective gear.

Vivian Cheung, Executive Director, Airport Operations of the AA, said, “We have been prioritising COVID-19 prevention in our operations to protect our staff, our passengers and the wider Hong Kong community. I am very pleased that our business partners share the same concern by putting great effort into promoting vaccination among their staff members, and it is encouraging to see that fellow airport workers have responded positively to the appeal to get themselves protected through vaccination. We will continue to work closely with all airport companies and staff to stay vigilant against COVID-19 while maintaining smooth airport operations.”

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