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All Airport Staff of Targeted Groups Required to be Vaccinated, with No Option of Replacing by Frequent Tests


(HONG KONG, 20 August 2021, 1930hrs)  –  To further protect airport staff in view of the latest COVID-19 pandemic situation, Targeted Groups of airport workers including airline staff will be required to be vaccinated, with no option of producing negative results in place of vaccination or medical exemption from vaccination.

The new requirements are implemented on top of the rules introduced by the Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA) since 1 August that all staff entering the airport restricted area must be fully vaccinated, or be able to produce a negative test result. The new requirements are further enhancement of related measures in view of the latest COVID-19 case involving an airline lounge staff.

The Targeted Groups subject to the new requirements include those handling high-risk cargo or having unavoidable close range contact with arrival and transfer/transit passengers and crew within 1.5-metre without partition or barrier, such as airline and ground agent staff, ramp coordinator, inflight catering coordinator, cargo loading staff, as well as cabin and lavatory cleaners. Airport operators including airlines must only deploy vaccinated staff to perform the relevant duties.

The new requirements will be implemented in two phases –

In phase 1, with effect from 1 September, staff in the Targeted Groups are mandated to complete at least one dose of vaccination against COVID-19. Those who have completed one dose or fully vaccinated are required to undergo a test every seven days.

In phase 2, with effect from 30 September, all staff of the Targeted Groups must have completed two doses of vaccination, and are required to take a test every seven days.

Medical exemption is not accepted in both phases. To date, over 80% of the staff in the Targeted Groups have received the first dose of vaccination.

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