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Negative COVID-19 Test Result Required to Enter 3RS Work Sites


(HONG KONG, 5 February 2021, 2000hrs) – To safeguard the safety of staff and workers at the construction sites of the Three-runway System (3RS) project, Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA) is stepping up COVID-19 testing measures. Starting from 9 February 2021, all workers and staff entering 3RS work sites must be able to present a negative COVID-19 test result.

Under the tightened measure, each person on board a ferry to the work sites on 3RS reclaimed land will be required to produce an SMS showing a COVID-19 negative test result issued within the preceding 14 days. The test result message will be cross-checked against the person’s Hong Kong identity card. Those who fail to present a valid negative result or refuse to present their Hong Kong identity cards for verification will be arranged to return to the original departing pier and their employer will be informed. The AA will strictly enforce the new requirements.

The AA is also introducing a bi-weekly test for all workers to tie in with the site entry requirement.

On 30 January 2021, in accordance with the Government’s relevant notice the AA implemented a compulsory test among workers employed by contractors and subcontractors under contracts 3303 and 3206, and AA staff who had been to the relevant sites. On the other hand, the AA has launched a voluntary testing programme for other workers at the 3RS reclaimed worksites. The AA will also continue to facilitate the Government's contact tracing measures for COVID-19 cases related to 3RS workers.

In view of earlier COVID-19 cases concerning 3RS subcontractor workers, works on the relevant sites have been suspended for 14 days since 31 January 2021 immediately upon receiving advice from the Department of Health.

Apart from the requirement of negative test result, all workers must undergo temperature check before boarding ferries to the work sites. Workers are mandated to wear face masks all the time and they are not allowed to eat or drink on the ferry.

The AA requires contractors to regularly check their work areas to ensure that workers comply with the requirements of wearing masks and keeping physical distance at work sites. The AA also has clear guidelines for contractors on good ventilation in site offices. Staggered lunch hours have been arranged all along and workers not allowed to gather during lunch on the work sites. Contractors have deployed staff on site to ensure workers comply with relevant requirements. The AA also conducts site checks to ensure compliance.

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