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AA’s Response to Media Enquiries on Stranded Transit/transfer Passengers


(HONG KONG, 30 June 2020)  –  To avoid the recurrence of passengers being stranded at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) due to the mishandling of transit/transfer services by airlines, the Airport Authority (AA) has raised matters regarding the strengthening of flight management, immigration and quarantine for transit/transfer passengers, among other issues, with relevant Government departments including Civil Aviation Department, Department of Health, Immigration Department, etc.

Starting from 1 July, if an airline brings transit/transfer passenger to HKIA whose entry is not accepted by the authorities of their destinations, passengers of the subsequent flights of the same flight number will have to undergo passport and boarding pass checks before disembarkation. In case of serious violation, the transit/transfer service at Hong Kong for the flight of same flight number may be suspended. The airline concerned has to bear all the relevant cost arising from the mishandling. The airline is also responsible for returning the passengers without valid boarding passes to the port of origin immediately.

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