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Update on Map of Restricted Area Order of Airport Authority Ordinance


(HONG KONG, 17 January 2020)  –  In light of various projects and the recent developments at the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) undertaken by the Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA), the Map of Restricted Area of the airport island has been updated with effect from 17 January 2020. The publication in Gazette with the relevant legislative amendments, which were made under the Airport Authority Ordinance (Map of Restricted Area) (Amendment) Order 2019, were dated 22 November 2019.

As part of the update, the following major amendments to the Restricted Area have been made:

  • to include an area adjacent to the bonded road, in order to facilitate the tunnel construction works for the Automated People Mover and Baggage Handling System of the Three-runway System;
  • to exclude the restricted area of Terminal 2 arising from temporary closure for its expansion;
  • to update the base map to reflect the expanded Terminal 1;
  • to reflect the changes at different floor levels of Terminal 1, including:
    • the provision and modification of areas for handling, storage and reclaim baggages;
    • the modifications of areas for screening of baggage and goods;
    • the provision and modification and refurbishment of office accommodations, security screening channel, staff channels and accesses, lounges, public area, etc.; and
    • area formed by decking of some voids, roof top of retail areas, etc.

Details of the amendments are available in the gazette at

The AA has consulted stakeholders of the relevant industry on the amendments and will continue to provide update and collect feedback.

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