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Airport Authority Works Closely with Airport Community to Maintain Normal Operation of the Airport


(HONG KONG, 7 September 2019, 2100hrs)  –  In view of the online calls for attempts to block traffic to Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) today, Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA) has activated the Airport Emergency Centre to co-ordinate airport operations. Airport operations and flight movements have remained normal throughout the day.

The Airport Express service between the airport and Hong Kong Station, and the “A” routes airport bus services have been normal for the whole day, while other bus services have been adjusted according to operational circumstances.

During the day the AA enforced the AA Bylaw on several occasions and requested some people to leave the Bylaw Area. Meanwhile, as some groups of people gathered at the Ground Transportation Centre of the airport in the afternoon, the AA worked with the Bailiffs and the Police on the execution of the interim injunction order to ask the concerned people to leave the airport.

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