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Access Control Continues as AA Emphasises Incitement to Perform Acts Restrained by the Interim Injunction May Constitute Contempt of Court


(HONG KONG, 16 August, 2019)  –  Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) continues to implement the access control arrangements at the terminal buildings. Staff of Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA) and security officers are on-site at the various access control checkpoints to assist bona fide passengers and airport staff to enter the terminal buildings. Passengers are reminded to arrive at the airport three hours before their departure time for the relevant checks. The AA apologises for the inconvenience caused, and seeks the understanding of the passengers.

The AA has noticed that there have been calls for non-bona fide passengers to conduct activities in the terminal buildings such as shopping and leisure activities. The interim injunction restrains persons from loitering in any part of the airport without reasonable cause in breach of the Airport Authority Bylaw (Cap 483A). Only bona fide passengers or those with permission are allowed to enter the terminal buildings.

The interim injunction restrains persons from unlawfully and wilfully obstructing or interfering with the proper use of HKIA, or attending or participating in any demonstration or protest or public order event in the airport other than strictly within the area designated by the AA. The interim injunction expressly provides that nothing in the interim injunction shall be construed as authorising any demonstration, protest or public order event contrary to the Public Order Ordinance.

The AA emphasises that the interim injunction obtained by the AA also restrains persons from inciting and/or aiding and/or abetting any person to perform acts restrained by the interim injunction.

Any person who neglects to abide by or neglects to follow the interim order, or any person who assists or incites, aids or abets another in disobeying the interim injunction order may be prosecuted for contempt of court, and is liable to imprisonment or a fine. Enforcement proceedings may be taken to compel persons to comply with the interim injunction order. Full terms of the interim injunction order including the penal notice can be found in the link:

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