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Airport Authority Works Closely with Department of Health and Enhances Cleaning and Disinfection at the Airport


(HONG KONG, 28 March 2019)  –  Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA) continues to work closely with the Department of Health (DH) in response to the measles cases. After liaising with DH, the vaccination stations located at HKIA Tower in the non-restricted area, and the Port Health Office Health Post inside the restricted area will continue operation on 30 and 31 March (Saturday and Sunday). The AA will also provide assistance according to the request of DH.

Since receiving the first report on airport staff contracting measles cases, the AA has stepped up disinfection and cleansing at busy locations in the terminal buildings, and implemented relevant arrangement to ensure the public hygiene. The AA has provided over 120 disinfective handrub facilities in the terminal buildings, and ensure sufficient supply of handrub. Meanwhile, the AA has also enhanced the circulation of the ventilation system in the terminal buildings.

The AA will continue to communicate with the airport community about reminding staff to wear masks and maintain personal hygiene. The AA will provide masks to AA staff upon request, and will urge business partners to provide masks to staff. The AA will also enhance the provision of disinfective facilities to the baggage handling staff, and remind them to pay attention to personal hygiene.

The AA has standing procedures and contingency measures for responding to infectious diseases. The AA will continue to keep close communication with the DH and all business partners, and disseminate updates and information on precautionary measures provided by the DH to the airport community.

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