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Airport Authority Works Closely with Department of Health on Measles Cases


(HONG KONG, 25 March 2019)  –  To facilitate the measures of the Centre for Health Protection of the Department of Health (DH) in response to the measles cases, Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA) has set up an additional vaccination station today for airport staff at the non-restricted area. The new station, located in the HKIA Tower, is in addition to the vaccination station at the Port Health Office Health Post inside the restricted area that has started providing service since the past weekend. Both stations will be manned by the DH until this Friday (29 March). DH will also assess whether the service needs to continue after Friday.

The AA hosted a meeting this morning with representatives of members of the airport community and DH. Apart from sharing relevant health information, DH representatives also communicated with the airport community regarding the coordination of information dissemination to staff of different organisations at the airport.

Since receiving the report on measles cases involving airport workers last Friday evening, the AA has been maintaining close communication with DH and implemented corresponding arrangements, including the stepping-up of disinfection and cleansing at busy locations in the terminal. Meanwhile, the AA has also assisted DH in providing vaccination at the Port Health Office Health Post, and helped disseminate updates and information on precautionary measures provided by the DH to the airport community.

The AA has standing procedures and contingency measures for responding to infectious diseases, and will continue to maintain close communication with the DH and all business partners.

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