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Update on Prohibited and Restricted Zones on Airport Island


(HONG KONG, 30 March 2018) – In light of the recent developments of new roads and evolving operational needs at the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA), the prohibited and restricted zones of the roads on the airport island have been updated with effect from 30 March 2018. The relevant legislative amendments, made under the Road Traffic (Traffic Control) (Designation of Prohibited and Restricted Zones) (Amendment) Notice 2018, were gazetted on 2 February 2018.

As part of the update, the original prohibited zones on the access road on eastern side of Car Park 4 linking the northern and southern sections of Cheong Tat Road are now open to all motor vehicles. The Coach and Limousine Staging Area has been relocated to maintain smooth coach operation. The original plans showing the Light Goods Vehicles Access Area, Light Goods Vehicles Loading Area, Light Goods Vehicles Unloading Area, Car Park 1, Government Car Park to the east of Cheong Shun Road, Car Park 2 to the north-west of Airport South Interchange and the section of the access road to the east of Sky Plaza Road Central linking Sky Plaza Road Central and Car Park 2 have also been updated in view of the upcoming expansion of Terminal 2.

As a result of the relocation of the Northern (Landside) Petrol Filling Station and the upcoming expansion of Terminal 2, restricted zones include Cheong Lin Path, the access road linking Sky Plaza Central to Coach Station at Terminal 2 and the access road from egress of Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA) Staff Car Park to Sky Plaza Road Central are no longer restricted, while the access road to and from Northern (Landside) Petrol Filling Station becomes restricted zone to avoid traffic blockage. Details of the changes can be referred to in the gazette at

The AA consulted relevant industry stakeholders on the changes and will continue to update them and collect feedback. The AA will also announce details of the amendments to the public through the HKIA website, the “HKG My Flight” mobile app and by circulating handbills

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