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HKIA Customer Service Excellence Programme Award Presentation Ceremony Commends Nearly 500 Airport Staff for Outstanding Service


Nearly 500 airport staff received certificates and trophies in recognition of their efforts in customer service.
Fred Lam, Chief Executive Officer, Airport Authority Hong Kong, explains that the ‘Friends of the Airport’ focus group was established earlier this year - inviting 1,000 passengers and airport staff to provide comments and marks for the airport’s services and facilities.
Dr Peter Lam Kin-ngok, Chairman of the Hong Kong Tourism Board, expresses his gratitude to those recognised in this year’s programme, citing their outstanding service as a success factor supporting Hong Kong’s tourism industry.
Nine staff from the Airport Authority Hong Kong, Serco Group (HK) Limited and Nixon Cleaning Co. Ltd. win “Best Customer Service of the Year” in the "Cross-Company Excellence Award."
Jeffrey Chan, a Customer Services Officer at Cathay Pacific Airways, wins the “Individual Excellence Award” for “Best Customer Service of the Year” for selflessly assisting two elderly passengers.

(HONG KONG, 24 July 2015)  – When airport travellers lose their way, become separated from their families, or even face the helpless panic of a child trapped inside a car, the over 65,000 staff working at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) will provide necessary assistance to passengers with caring spirit.

At today's annual award presentation ceremony for the HKIA Customer Service Excellence Programme (CSEP), nearly 500 airport staff were commended for their excellent customer service, helping to create a pleasant airport experience for all HKIA visitors.

Fred Lam, Chief Executive Officer of the Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA), said at the ceremony, “HKIA handles about 180,000 passengers every day. Working hand in hand with the airport community has become even more important as airport operations are busier than ever. I sincerely congratulate all of our airport staff and business partners who received the awards. As a world-class airport, HKIA must not only possess excellent facilities, but also needs to continuously enhance our service level.”

This year, the “Best Customer Service of the Year” of the "Cross-Company Excellence Awards" went to nine staff from the AA, Serco Group (HK) Limited and Nixon Cleaning Co. Ltd. who worked together to save a boy trapped in a car. On that day, a young mother drove to HKIA to pick up her family. However, she accidentally locked her two-year-old son inside the car along with her car keys. Upon learning of the situation, staff from these companies immediately gave her a helping hand. Some of them helped by shielding the sun with cardboard, preventing temperature from rising in the car while they comforted the boy. Other staff assisted by meeting the lady’s family in the Arrivals Hall. Finally, the Fire Services Department broke the car window and saved the boy. After the boy was rescued, a team from the cleaning contractors removed debris from the car and temporarily fixed for the broken window – allowing the young mother to leave HKIA safely with her family. 

Meanwhile, Jeffrey Chan - a Customer Services Officer at Cathay Pacific Airways - won the “Individual Excellence Awards” for “Best Customer Service of the Year.” One day, a 75-year-old lady accidentally stumbled near the boarding gate, and subsequently felt dizzy and complained of a sharp pain in her back. Chan witnessed the accident and rushed to offer assistance, immediately calling for an ambulance. He stayed with the lady, and also comforted her elderly companion - who was in shock from the accident. Chan accompanied them to the hospital, helped to contact their families in the United Kingdom and found a hotel room for the woman’s companion to settle down for the evening. The next day, the lady was discharged from the hospital and was cleared to travel to the United Kingdom with her companion. Chan volunteered to assist them until they boarded their flight. The ladies’ hearts were touched by Chan’s caring deed, and they wrote a letter to compliment him.

The “Corporate Excellence Awards” for “Best Customer Service of the Year.” went to three staff of Lagardère Services Hong Kong Limited. With their smart and caring service spirit, they successfully helped a lost girl to reunite with her mother by a shop’s price tag of the girl’s doll.

In addition to the Individual, Corporate and Cross-company Excellence Awards, CSEP added a “Mystery Shopper Programme Excellent Service Award” this year to enhance the shopping and catering experience for passengers at HKIA. The three best-performing outlets in the retail and catering section received the awards as recognition. In the retail section, the winners were Givenchy, Piaget and Longchamp; while Caviar House & Prunier Seafood Bar, Itamae Sushi and Grappa's were the winners in the catering section.

Dr Peter Lam, Chairman of the Hong Kong Tourism Board, said at the ceremony, “As airport staff are the first group of people that visitors meet when they arrive in Hong Kong, they play a very important role in maintaining the excellent service image of our city. The outstanding service they provide are critical factors behind the success of Hong Kong’s tourism industry. I am very happy for those who received recognition in this year’s HKIA CSEP. Their professional and caring service has earned a strong reputation for HKIA’s service, leaving a positive and lasting impression of Hong Kong amongst airport users.”

Mr Fred Lam added, “Earlier this year, we established the ‘Friends of the Airport’ focus group, inviting 1,000 passengers and airport staff to give feedback, comments and marks regarding the airport’s services and facilities. This focus group has allowed us to better understand the needs of our passengers, and to enhance the overall quality of our service.”

The CSEP award was launched in 2002. Through acknowledging the caring deeds and professionalism demonstrated by members of the airport community, the campaign aims to cultivate an airport-wide commitment to customer service excellence.

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