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"HKIA In Focus" Photo Competition Successfully Concludes Participants Granted Access to Restricted Area to Capture Striking Photos of HKIA


Participants gain a different perspective the airport from the rooftop of the Civil Aviation Department Air Traffic Control Complex.
Participants capture the giant birds getting ready to take off.
Participants take pictures of the aircraft, capturing the moment in a close distance.
The judging panel selects the winning entries after the competition.
Members of the judging panel, C K Ng, Executive Director, Airport Operations, Airport Authority Hong Kong (second right); Lawrence Yau, Chief Communication Officer, Airport Authority Hong Kong (first left) and Michael Tsui, Chief Picture Editor, Sing Tao Daily (third left) pose with the winners of the competition.
Champion: Wong Tak Keung
First Runner-up: Lau Tak Wai
Second Runner-up: Priyanka Boghani

(HONG KONG, 27 May 2015)  –  Families embracing farewell, iron birds spreading their wings, a crimson sunset over the terminal… all these scenes were captured as part of the first "HKIA In Focus" Photo Competition organised by the Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA).

The competition drew massive response, and 40 finalists were invited to take pictures at various locations within the restricted area of Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) on 23 May, the final day of the competition. The group visited areas normally off-limits to passengers, including the passenger and cargo apron, as well as the rooftop of the Civil Aviation Department Air Traffic Control Complex.

Undeterred by the unstable weather, finalists scrambled to capture unique perspectives of HKIA before the heavy rains came, and selected their best work for submission in the finals. Based on a set of criteria including photographic skill and composition, creativeness and interpretation, emotional appeal and correlation with the theme, the judging panel selected the Champion, First Runner-up and Second Runner-up – who received cash prizes of up to HK$15,000. Photos submitted in both the first and final rounds were considered to determine the winners.

One of the members of the judging panel, C K Ng, Executive Director, Airport Operations, AA, said, "The passenger and the flight movement at HKIA  are breaking records which reflects the increasing aviation demand. We invited the finalists to visit a number of locations around the airport to better understand HKIA's operations. All of the submitted pictures were outstanding, and the participants demonstrated their photographic skills despite the unpleasant weather conditions. Although I have been working in the airport for many years, some of the photos still surprised me with their unique perspective – making it a very difficult job for the judging panel to choose the winners."

The competition attracted more than 3,800 local and overseas submissions. Through their photos, participants shared different facets of the airport including its infrastructure, scenery and operations – as well as people and their full range of emotions. Due to the overwhelming response, the AA increased the quota from 30 to 40 finalists, and all of them received a cash prize of HK$500.

In addition, the AA increased the total number of "My Favourite IG Photo" awardees from one to five, recognising those who received the highest number of "LIKEs" on the social network Instagram. Winners also received a cash prize of HK$500. All the winning photos can be found on the competition’s dedicated website:

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