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HKIA Blog Launched for Staff to Share


(HONG KONG, 1 February 2015)  –  The airport is a familiar place for many people, but how many understand the stories behind the scenes? Every day, over 65,000 members of the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) community work together to welcome passengers from all around the world. Every day, they face unique, interesting and sometimes odd encounters and challenges.

Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA) today launched the “HKIA Blog”, allowing airport staff from various positions to share their personal working experience and stories. It also provides the general public with another channel to learn about the different faces of the airport from different angles. The first blog entry was contributed by Fred Lam, Chief Executive Officer of AA, who shared his insight during his visit to San Francisco International Airport.

Mr Lam said, “After joining the AA since October last year and having more exchanges with colleagues here, I’ve discovered there are many more interesting stories behind. We hope that staff from different positions will use this blog to share any interesting stories and experience, giving the public a better understanding of daily operations at HKIA.”

Updated regularly, the HKIA Blog is available for viewing at

*The HKIA Blog contains Chinese text only.

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