Airport Authority

Invitation to Tender

Three Runway System Project – Contract 3907A – Marine Transport Services (Tuen Mun – Project Site) (Contract 3907A)

The Airport Authority (the “Authority”) is undertaking to expand the existing two runway system at Hong Kong International Airport into a three runway system (3RS).

The new third runway, new passenger concourse and aprons and other airport infrastructure of the 3RS Project will be built on a new platform (Project Site) being reclaimed from sea north of the existing Airport. Only marine access will be allowed for the construction works to be carried out on the Project Site. To facilitate such construction works, the Authority is planning to engage suitably qualified service providers and operators for the provision and/or operation of certain construction support facilities and services.

The Authority intends to procure this Contract engaging suitably qualified ferry operator to provide the ferry services of transporting site personnel between Tuen Mun Pier and the Project Site:

The service period of this Contract is anticipated to be approximately five years up to the completion of the 3RS Project. The indicative locations of the western landing facility and eastern landing facility on the Project Site are shown on the attached layout.

The Authority hereby invites tenders from organisations with PROVEN EXPERIENCE and the CAPABILITY to provide the passenger ferry services. Suitable applicants will need to be able to demonstrate previous experience and capability in the provision of passenger ferry services of a scale sufficient to meet the requirements of this Contract.

Applicants who wish to submit a tender for this Contract should forward their company name and address, together with the name, position and e-mail address of their contact person by e-mail to for the attention of Mr. Kevin Poole, Executive Director, Third Runway

Applicants will be advised in writing of the arrangement for collecting the tender documents.

Tenders for this Contract shall be submitted to the Authority not later than 14:30 on Thursday, 27 June 2019 (Hong Kong time).

All costs associated with any submission in response to this notice shall be entirely the responsibility of the applicant.