Airport Authority

Invitation for Prequalification

Three Runway System Project - Invitation for Prequalification - Contract 3508 - Terminal 2 Expansion Works (Contract 3508)

The Airport Authority Hong Kong (the “Authority”) is undertaking to expand the existing two runway system at Hong Kong International Airport into a three runway system (3RS).  This will include among other things expansion of the existing Terminal 2 (T2) into a full processing terminal for departures, arrivals and transfer passengers. The new T2 is a very substantial and complex multi-functional facility, the construction and commission of which will require strong construction management of a variety of works involving a substantial superstructure with a specialist metal roofing system, high quality finishes, extensive E&M systems, specialist coordination of interfaces, construction phasing and working in a busy operation environment. A layout plan and isometric view of the new T2 is attached for information.

The construction of foundations and basement structure of the new T2, South Annex Building (SAB) and other advance works such as utilities diversion are being carried out separately under Contract 3503.

This Contract comprises the remainder of the T2 Expansion Works (the Works) and is a substantial building and infrastructure works contract. The Works include construction of the new passenger processing terminal building and a new North Annex Building complete with architectural builder’s works and finishes, building services and airport systems, new roads and viaducts, utility services and other external works, remaining fit-out works to complete the SAB, modification works to existing facilities, footbridge connection with the new Sky City, etc. The duration of this Contract is over 4 years.
The conditions for participation, tender programme, prequalification selection criteria, and other pertinent details are detailed in the Prequalification Invitation Document.

The Authority invites expressions of interest from organisations with PROVEN EXPERIENCE and the CAPABILITY to manage and construct the above works.  Suitable contractors should be experienced in very large and multi-functional building and infrastructure works and will need to be able to demonstrate previous experience and ability in managing and undertaking similar construction works in an operating environment.

Applicants who wish to express their interest in prequalifying to tender for the above contract should forward their name and address, together with the name, position and e-mail address of their contact person to Mr. Kevin Poole, Executive Director, Third Runway by e-mail to

The deadline for completing and delivering the Prequalification Submission to the Authority’s Tender Box at the lower ground floor lobby of HKIA Tower will be on Tuesday, 16 July 2019 at 16:30 (Hong Kong time).

The Authority will evaluate all applications using the information to be provided by the applicant in the completed Prequalification Submission and select the successful applicants at its sole discretion.

All costs associated with any submission in response to this notice shall be entirely the responsibility of the applicant. 

The procurement of the above Contract is covered by the Agreement on Government Procurement of the World Trade Organisation.