Airport Authority

Invitation for Prequalification

Three Runway System Project – Invitation for Prequalification – Contract 3310 – North Runway Modification Works (Contract 3310)

The expansion of the Airport into a three-runway system (3RS) requires among other things completion of a new third runway by 2022 and subsequent closure of the existing North Runway for major modification works in order to provide additional taxiways, extend the two existing vehicular tunnels and complete other essential infrastructure works and facilities required for the operation of the 3RS. 

This Contract will include the following works (the Works):

  • modification of the existing North Runway and associated taxiways;
  • construction of additional parallel taxiways, rapid exit taxiways and wrap around taxiways;
  • removal of the existing marine approach light supporting structures;
  • removal of armoured rock of the existing north runway seawalls;
  • construction of remaining seawalls and filling to complete the land formation at the western end of the existing North Runway;
  • extension of the existing Western Vehicular Tunnel and Eastern Vehicular Tunnel;
  • extension of the existing stormwater box culverts to the new outfalls;
  • associated utilities;
  • associated airfield and airport infrastructure works and systems;
  • associated ancillary buildings; and
  • associated Government facilities.

The extent and key elements of the Works are shown in Attachment 1. The site of the Works will be accessible by sea only.
It is planned to award this Contract in the middle of 2021 and the Works are to be completed in the third quarter of 2024. The procurement method for this Contract, conditions for participation and tenderer selection criteria are detailed in the Prequalification Invitation Document.

Invitations to tender for this Contract are expected to be issued in December 2020 following an interactive Early Contractor Involvement processs involving the Authority’s project management team, prequalified tenderers and other relevant parties.

The Authority invites expressions of interest from organisations with PROVEN EXPERIENCE and the CAPABILITY to manage and construct the Works. Suitable contractors should be experienced in similar large scale infrasturcture works and will need to be able to demonstrate previous experience and ability in undertaking projects of similar scale and complexity in an operating environment.

Applicants who wish to express their interest in prequalifying to tender for the above contract should forward their name and address, together with the name, position and e-mail address of their contact person to Mr. Kevin Poole, Executive Director, Third Runway by e-mail to

Applicants may, upon presentation of a copy of the above contact information, collect the Prequalification Invitation Document from the office of the Authority’s Third Runway Division on 5/F of Airport World Trade Centre, 1 Sky Plaza Road, Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong between 09:00 and 17:30 hours Monday to Friday.

The deadline for completing and delivering the Prequalification Submission to the Authority’s Tender Box at the lower ground floor lobby of HKIA Tower will be on 24 August 2020 at 16:30 (Hong Kong time).

The Authority will evaluate all applications using the information to be provided by the applicant in the completed Prequalification Submission and select the successful applicants at its sole discretion.

All costs associated with any submission in response to this notice shall be entirely the responsibility of the applicant. 

The procurement of the above Works is covered by the Agreement on Government Procurement of the World Trade Organisation.