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Bari-Uma (霸嗎拉麵) & SinsaEat Korean Kitchen

Bari-Uma (霸嗎拉麵) & SinsaEat Korean Kitchen


Founded in 2003, Bari-Uma is the biggest ramen chain in Hiroshima, Japan known for its "No. 1 super-rich pork bone broth", homemade ramen and thick-cut, flame-grilled chashu. Today, Bari-Uma have over 30 branches in Japan. It also has branches overseas including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and China.


SINSAEAT is known for its good-quality yet affordable Korean dishes. We are proud to present our menu as a true Korean flavour by hand of gastronomic technique. Incorporating the freshest ingredients daily, you can enjoy Kimbap, Bibimbap, Korean soup, Tteokbokki and more in SINSAEAT.

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