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Special need access


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  • Transfer Procedures

    Transfer Desks are located on the same level as the arrival gates.

    Terminal 1:

    Transfer Desk E1 Transfer Desk E1
    Transfer Desk E2 Transfer Desk E2
    Transfer Desk W1 Transfer Desk W1

    T1 Midfield Concourse:

    Transfer Desk M1 Transfer Desk M1

    If your flight arrives at the T1 Midfield Concourse, you can reach the Transfer Desks in Terminal 1 (T1) by taking the Automated People Mover on Level 1 of the T1 Midfield Concourse to T1.

  • Security Screening

    Passengers with special needs may use the priority channels to enter the security screening area.


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  • Passengers with Reduced Mobility

    Low-level facilities

    Wheelchair users can find the following facilities and counters at accessible height throughout the terminals.

    Customer service counters Customer service counters
    Internet terminals Internet terminals
    Charging facilities Charging facilities
    Help phones Help phones
    Pay phones Pay phones
    Drinking fountains Drinking fountains

    Priority seats

    You can find priority seats throughout the terminals and in immigration clearance areas.

    Check-in Hall Check-in Hall
    Departures gates Departures gates
    Immigration clearance area Immigration clearance area

    Caring Corner

    The Caring Corner is a rest area for travellers with special needs, including passengers with reduced mobility, the elderly and pregnant women. This wheelchair-accessible facility is equipped with seating, televisions and telephone helplines.

    Location of Caring Corners

    • Near Gates 1 and 36, Departures Level (L6), Terminal 1 (Restricted Area)
    • Transfer Area E1 and E2, Arrivals Level (L5), Terminal 1 (Restricted Area)

    Toilets for the Disabled

    Toilets for the disabled are located throughout the airport. They are equipped with automatic facilities and additional handles.

    Sliding door Sliding door
    Flush sensor Flush sensor
    Soap dispenser and water tap Soap dispenser and water tap
  • Passengers with Visual Impairment

    Tactile guides

    Tactile guide paths are provided at the departure kerbs of T1, as well as AEL platforms, to lead you to the nearest customer service counter. Tactile guide paths are also available in the T1 Midfield Concourse.

    • From departure kerbs at T1 to the nearest customer service counter
    departure kerbs at T1 or T2
    customer service counter

    • From AEL platform to the nearest customer service counter
    AEL platform
    customer service counter

    • From the arrival gates at the T1 Midfield Concourse
    arrival gates
    Midfield Concourse

    Braille facilities

    Braille maps are provided at the departures kerbs of T1 (Zones 2 and 3 in T1), as well as in the T1 Midfield Concourse.

    Many airport facilities also provide signage in Braille, including the walls of toilet entrances, control panels and handles of lifts, handrails, etc.

    walls of toilet entrances
    control panels and handles of lifts
  • Passengers with Hearing Impairment
    • Induction loops are located at all departures gates, APM platforms and customer service counters.
    Induction loops located in seating areas Induction loops located in seating areas

    • Warning signals and audio messages are provided in all people conveyance facilities such as lifts, escalators and walkways.
    Escalators Escalators
    Walkways Walkways
    Lifts Lifts
    • Braille maps are provided with audio messages.
    Braille maps are provided with audio messages
  • Passengers with Other Special Needs
    • Unaccompanied minors
    • Passengers with Autism Spectrum Disorder
    • Passengers with carer/ accompanying disabled

    Please contact your airline for information. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.