Airport Authority

Important Notice: Scam Alert for Purchase Orders


It has come to our attention that unknown individuals are issuing false enquiries and false purchase orders in the name of the Airport Authority.

These enquiries or purchase orders typically relate to the purchase of electronic equipment or appliances and have been issued via email addresses and  These email addresses are not Airport Authority email addresses.  Please note that these false enquiries/purchase orders may contain images of Airport Authority logos or chops and typically request delivery of goods to shipping agents or other premises in Hong Kong which are not Airport Authority premises. 

Please be reminded that the delivery locations shown in the Airport Authority’s purchase orders will be at the Airport Authority premises but NOT outside Airport Authority premises or to a shipping agent.

We would like to remind all suppliers / contractors, DO NOT respond to emails issued from the above addresses.  If you have any questions, please call the Airport Authority (Tel. +852 2181 8888).