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Hong Kong Current Temperature

Mainly Fine
Thu. 17 April 2014
24°C / 75°F
Mainly Fine

North America

Cities Weather Temperature Range (Degrees Celsius)
Atlanta Fine 4°C to 16°C
Boston Fine -1°C to 6°C
Calgary Snow -3°C to 2°C
Chicago Fine 6°C to 14°C
Cleveland Fine 2°C to 12°C
Dallas Showers 11°C to 20°C
Denver Fine 2°C to 17°C
Detroit Fine 2°C to 14°C
Edmonton Cloudy -4°C to 3°C
Honolulu Showers 22°C to 29°C
Houston Rain 13°C to 23°C
Kansas City Rain 6°C to 11°C
Las Vegas Fine 18°C to 32°C
Los Angeles Fog 13°C to 23°C
Mexico City Rain 12°C to 28°C
Miami Showers 23°C to 27°C
Montreal Fine -4°C to 9°C
New Orleans Showers 12°C to 21°C
New York Fine 2°C to 9°C
Oklahoma City Rain 9°C to 17°C
Ottawa Cloudy -6°C to 10°C
Phoenix Fine 17°C to 33°C
Quebec City Fine -10°C to 7°C
San Francisco Fog 11°C to 21°C
Seattle Rain 9°C to 14°C
Toronto Fine -2°C to 8°C
Vancouver Rain 9°C to 11°C
Washington Fine 1°C to 13°C
Winnipeg Fine -15°C to 2°C
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Source: Hong Kong Observatory. Last Update: 17 Apr HKT 21:35:29