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Wed. 24 September 2014
27°C / 81°F
Sunny Periods

China & Guangdong Cities

Cities Weather Temperature Range (Degrees Celsius)
Beijing Cloudy 16°C to 23°C
Changchun Fine 9°C to 20°C
Changsha Cloudy 19°C to 26°C
Chaozhou Showers becoming cloudy 24°C to 31°C
Chengdu Showers 18°C to 25°C
Chongqing Overcast 19°C to 24°C
Dalian Fine 17°C to 22°C
Dongguan Cloudy 25°C to 32°C
Foshan Cloudy 24°C to 32°C
Fuzhou Thunderstorms 25°C to 33°C
Guangzhou Cloudy 24°C to 32°C
Guilin Cloudy 22°C to 31°C
Guiyang Cloudy 14°C to 24°C
Haikou Cloudy 24°C to 32°C
Hangzhou Overcast 21°C to 27°C
Harbin Fine 7°C to 19°C
Hefei Overcast 19°C to 28°C
Heyuan Cloudy 23°C to 33°C
Hohhot Fine 8°C to 19°C
Huizhou Cloudy 25°C to 32°C
Jiangmen Cloudy 25°C to 32°C
Jieyang Showers becoming cloudy 25°C to 32°C
Jinan Cloudy 18°C to 24°C
Kunming Rain 16°C to 20°C
Lanzhou Cloudy 8°C to 25°C
Lhasa Cloudy 7°C to 20°C
Maoming Cloudy 24°C to 31°C
Meizhou Showers becoming cloudy 23°C to 33°C
Nanchang Cloudy 22°C to 30°C
Nanjing Overcast 21°C to 25°C
Nanning Cloudy 20°C to 30°C
Qingdao Cloudy 20°C to 26°C
Qingyuan Cloudy 24°C to 31°C
Shanghai Rain 22°C to 26°C
Shantou Showers becoming cloudy 25°C to 32°C
Shanwei Showers becoming cloudy 25°C to 32°C
Shaoguan Cloudy 23°C to 31°C
Shenyang Cloudy 11°C to 21°C
Shenzhen Cloudy 25°C to 32°C
Taipei Rain 26°C to 30°C
Taiyuan Fine 12°C to 22°C
Tianjin Cloudy 17°C to 24°C
Urumqi Fine 8°C to 18°C
Wuhan Cloudy 19°C to 28°C
Xi'an Cloudy 15°C to 24°C
Xiamen Cloudy 25°C to 32°C
Xining Cloudy 4°C to 20°C
Yangjiang Cloudy 24°C to 31°C
Yunfu Cloudy 23°C to 30°C
Zhanjiang Cloudy 23°C to 31°C
Zhaoqing Cloudy 25°C to 32°C
Zhengzhou Cloudy 17°C to 26°C
Zhongshan Cloudy 25°C to 32°C
Zhuhai Cloudy 25°C to 31°C
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Source: Hong Kong Observatory. Last Update: 24 Sep HKT 08:25:03