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Hong Kong Current Temperature

Mainly Cloudy
Tue. 23 September 2014
26°C / 79°F
Mainly Cloudy

Asia Pacific

Cities Weather Temperature Range (Degrees Celsius)
Auckland Cloudy 5°C to 16°C
Bandar Seri Begawan Thunderstorms 24°C to 31°C
Bangkok Cloudy 26°C to 33°C
Brisbane Showers 14°C to 24°C
Hanoi Cloudy 26°C to 30°C
Ho Chi Minh City Thunderstorms 25°C to 33°C
Jakarta Cloudy 22°C to 33°C
Karachi Cloudy 27°C to 33°C
Kuala Lumpur Thunderstorms 25°C to 34°C
Manila Thunderstorms 25°C to 33°C
Melbourne Fine 10°C to 26°C
Seoul Fine 17°C to 28°C
Singapore Haze 26°C to 33°C
Sydney Fine 11°C to 22°C
Tokyo Fine 17°C to 26°C
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Source: Hong Kong Observatory. Last Update: 23 Sep HKT 02:13:57