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Crazy Lion
Noughts & Exes
Sunny Wave Project
Choi Sai Ho
Jing Wong

28th August, 2010

Crazy Lion

Crazy Lion, a Hong Kong Reggae band. Founded in 2000, reorganized to the current lineup in 2008.

Mouse - Vocal
Wai - Guitar
Lau Chi bun (Professor) - Keyboard
Chan Wai fat - Backing vocal, Misc Instruments
Ho Jai Will - Misc Instruments
Lai Fai - Bass
Edmund Leung (Edmund) - Drums
Lego - Trumpet/And Something

Noughts & Exes

With one of the most unique sounds in Hong Kong, Noughts & Exes have quickly risen to become a cult favourite in the city. Their distinctive sound has been described by fans as "breath-taking" and has drawn comparisons to Elliott Smith, Death Cab for Cutie and Damien Rice. Their debut music video 'A Major To Minor' from the first album "Act One, Scene One" received airplay in the US, Canada and Australia, and the band's second album is set to be released later in 2010. Utilising inventive instrumentation and catchy melodies, their mix of harmonies, keyboards, typewriters, whistles and cello has audiences captivated across the globe.


Sunny Wave Project


"Sunny Wave Project" consists of four locally trained young musicians Teddy, Hansun, Coleman and Gin. They formed the band because of their common passion in jazz, rock, fusion and contemporary music. They have already performed in "Open Concert Series III" organized by Kung Chi Sing in 2009 using the band name "Nu Quartet". In 2010, Teddy joined the band as lead vocalist, and continue to rehearse and perform. The band changed their name to "Sunny Wave Project" since then.

Besides performing in styles ranging from jazz standard to bossa nova, the band has been writing music with influences from such styles, creating a unique band sound. In "Sunny Wave Project", Teddy is the lead vocalist and guitarist, Hansun is the guitarist, pianist and back vocalist. Coleman is the band's bassist and Gin is the drummer.

31st July, 2010

Choi Sai Ho

Choi Sai Ho is an electronic musician and audio-visual artist. S.T. is his solo project. Sai Ho received classical music training since childhood and obtained professional qualification from Trinity (associate recital in violin). He has obtained a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Media at the City University of Hong Kong in 2008. His music/audio works cover different types of music genres including electronica, downtempo, IDM, avant-garde, experimental, etc. He was selected as the first Hong Kong Chinese musician to join the Red Bull Music Academy 2006 in Melbourne, Australia. His works has been selected to Perform Media Festival (USA), VideoBrazil Festival 2007 (Brazil), Microwave International New Media Arts Festival (Hong Kong), etc. Sai Ho participated in visual projection design for Cantopop singers Anthony Wong Shanghai concert 2007 and Eason Chan live tour concert 2008. Sai Ho was selected as the Hong Kong's Top 20 Musicians by Hong Kong Time-Out Magazine in 2008. In 2009, Sai Ho performed at the 14th Hong Kong Independent Short Film & Video Awards (IFVA) Festival: Closing Gala as the supporting act for UK audio-visual art group D-Fuse. In September 2009, Sai Ho released as S.T. first audio-visual album Weird Mind. Its title track Weird Mind is selected to the Best of Hong Kong Indie 2009 Number One by Time-Out Magazine.

Jing Wong

Trained as a Theatre Designer and Director in London's Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, and Central School of Speech & Drama; Jing Wong has honed his music style by rich music influences in London from Blues to Folk to Rock... but his main influences are Folk singer-song writers like Nick Drake and more recently Kings of Convenience and even Damien Rice.

Jing has won awards in Tom Lee's Sound Base Acoustic Band competition 2004 as First-runner up and Best Original Song... and also HEARTBEAT's Acoustic Band competition's Champion.

In the previous 2 years he has been active as a Street Performer playing his original songs on the streets of Mong Kok, Causeway Bay and TST.

He is also a Fashion Designer for his brand Daydream Nation, and do Stage and Costumes design for PIP Theatre occasionally.

He is now signed to People Mountain People Sea and is planning for the release of his first album.


Ever since its acclaimed debut performance in the 2008 Hong Kong Arts Festival, SIU2 has been creating and refining new gems of innovative music with its unprecedented unique style, garnering different colorful and sometimes bizzare city sounds capes into an eclectic fusion of musical details. SIU2's debut album "Open Door", released in 2008, received unanimous accolades from both music critics and fans. This year sees the release of its new album "Konfusion", a ground-breaking melting pot of musical genres from the East and West which serves as a sonic portrayal of the juxtaposition of disparate cultural elements in Hong Kong. SIU2 members are: NG Cheuk-yin (composer / sheng / keyboard), Jason LAU (zheng), LAM Tin-wai (sanxian), Peter FAN (piano), LIANG Chun-wai (bass guitar) and Melchior SARREAL (drums).


NG Cheuk Yin - composer / sheng / organ

A renowned composer, arranger and performer who writes for Chinese and Western instruments. He was Hong Kong Sinfonietta's first Artist Associate (2006-2008) and the founder of the group "SIU2". After receiving a post-graduate degree from the Music Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, he went on to study at the International Christian University in Tokyo.

In 2009, Yin received the Best Serious Composition in 2009 CASH Golden Sail Music Awards for a theatrical choral concert Rock Hard. Listed among TimeOut HK Magazine's Top 20 Musicians 2008, he also won the 2008 Canto-pop Top 10 from Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presentation (Commercial Radio), the Best Broadcast Rate Award (MetroRadio Broadcast) and the 31st Top 10 Canton Pop Award (Radio Television Hong Kong) for his work Under the Sakura Tree composed for Pop Singer Hins Cheung in 2008. Yin's works range from chamber and orchestral works to electronic music; from rock music to musicals; from choral works to pop songs and music for crossover bands and ensembles.

Jason Lau - zheng

Graduated from the music department at CUHK with first honor in 2002, Jason received his MPhil degree in Ethnomusicology in 2006. He was invited to perform with blues musicians in HK Arts Festival in 1997, and has participated in a number of commercial music productions. In recently years, Jason has been invited by the Hong Kong Tourism Board and other Government organizations to perform Zheng in Korea, Japan and England to promote the culture of Hong Kong.

Lam Tin Wai - sanxian

Started learning sanxian with Ms. Zhu Li-rong in Music Office at the age of 9, and has learnt from Professor Xiao Jian-sheng of China Conservatory of Music. She had won various inter-school awards, including the Sanxian Senior Champion in 1994 and Hugo Chinese Instrument Solo award in 1995. In 1996, she performed as a soloist with the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra. In 2006, She received her MPhil degree in Ethnomusicology in the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Peter Fan - piano

Former Keyboard Principal of the Hong Kong Sinfonietta, Peter Fan studied music at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts after graduating from the Law Faculty of the University of Hong Kong. He is now a piano tutor at the Music Department of the University of Hong Kong and a freelance keyboard player of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra.

Liang Chun Wai - bass guitar

Self taught in '86 and being a professional bass-guitarist since '91, Liang Chun-wai excels in different musical forms from pop, rock, jazz to traditional Chinese music. Liang has collaborated with most of the local singers, musicians as well as musical directors. His extensive touring schedule has seen him perform in over 70 cities worldwide.

Melchior Sarreal - drums

First picked up the drums at the age of ten and started his career as an active professional freelance drummer in Hong Kong in 1989. Melchior has been involved in the local music scene for over fifteen years and played on over 300 recordings for Asian Pop artists. His area of work also consists of touring and performing live shows for a variety of auspicious artists, taking him to countries across Asia Pacific, Mainland China, and Europe as well as various parts of North America.