Participating Artists Profile

LEUNG Ching Man     LI Tin Lun     TANG Siu Nam
WONG Chun Hei, Stephen     YIP Pak To     LEE Ting Wai

LEUNG Ching Man

LEUNG Ching Man, Castaly was born in Hong Kong. She received her Bachelor and Master of Fine Arts from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2002 and 2010. She opens a studio to the public at FoTan since 2001. And she exhibits in Hong Kong and overseas.

She combines both printmaking and painting to produce a complex juxtapositions and layering of gentle images. She explores the relationship between humanity and the nature in the contemporary. All of her works has a warm and relaxed impression. It resonates with the viewer back to their simple happiness and harmony.

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LI Tin Lun

Otto LI Tin Lun graduated at Department of Fine Arts of the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2003. LI is an active member of Fotanian Art Community. Initiate from his self-experience, his works focus on pop culture elements, like comics, soccer, animation, film and TV games, to reflect the life, identity and value of himself and his generation. As a concept artist in a CG animation company now, he is watching pixel rather than seeing the real world... everyday. Thus, he is exploring a connection between the virtuality and reality he faced everyday, through his latest series of "Pixel" sculpture. In the past, he participated in exhibitions, like "ONE" An Exhibition of Art and Football by Otto Li (OC Gallery, Hong Kong)"Charming Experience"Hong Kong Art: Open Dialogue Exhibition Series IV"( The Hong Kong Museum of Art), "Haven't You Heard? Artists of the 80s Contemporary Art Group Show"(Contemporary by Angela Li Gallery, Hong Kong), "Hong Kong & Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale Festival of Urbanism Architecture" (Central Police Station, Central, Hong Kong), "Reborn- The Silk Road Arts Exhibition"( Hong Kong City Hall Low Block Exhibition Hall, Hong Kong)"Octomania (On Drawing The Number Eight)" (Para/Site Art Space, Hong Kong), "Playful Mind: An Exhibition of Artworks with Comic Elements" (Shanghai Street Visual Artspace, Hong Kong), 2003, 04, 06, 07 and 08 "Fotan Artists Open Studios Programme" (Studio 615, Fotan, Hong Kong).

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TANG Siu Nam

TANG Siu Nam is a Hong Kong artist who graduated from the Fine Arts Department of CUHK in 2002. His works focus on the culture of comics and traditional Chinese culture. His current works are paper sculptures and paper cutting-like paintings.

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WONG Chun Hei, Stephen

WONG Chun Hei started to study drawing in Guangzhou when he was in Form two which made him understand the importance of art making in its entirety. Graduated from FAA CUHK in 2008, Chun Hei has rent a studio in Fotan to continue his art, mainly painting the scenery from Video Games.

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YIP Pak To, LEE Ting Wai

YIP Pak To:
A cross-media graphic designer and visual installation artist; the founder of 4RM Creative Studio; currently teaching Communication Design & Digital Media at HKDI.

LEE Ting Wai:
A multimedia professional, specializing in interactive installation and web-based interactive work; a graduate from School of Creative Media in City University; now working in Puff Design Limited.

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