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AA Staff Quarantined and Tested after Family Members Preliminarily Tested to Have Contracted COVID-19<br>Relevant Working Areas Cleaned and Sanitised


(HONG KONG, 10 August 2020, 2130hrs)  -  Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA) today received reports that family members of an AA staff have been preliminarily tested positive for COVID-19. The staff was tested and is now awaiting results. The staff is now undergoing 14 days of quarantine. The staff is a driver and had worn a mask all the time while working. The staff last reported duty on 7 August. 

The floor where the staff had been to at HKIA Tower, along with the lifts of the building, have been cleaned and sanitised. Relevant vehicles have also been cleaned and sanitised. He had dined in or bought takeaway from staff canteens Sky Bird 1 and Sky Bird 2 in Terminal 1, as well as East Hall food court, and the relevant areas will be cleaned and sanitised. The AA has arranged for some 20 staff who had contact with the staff to be tested and wait for results at home. Some staff who work at the same location in the building will also be tested.

The AA has various measures to protect its staff, including distributing masks and alcohol hand sanitiser to staff. Temperature is monitored as staff members enter HKIA Tower. The AA has arranged for its staff to take turns in working from home since 20 July while ensuring that normal airport operations are maintained. If any staff is residing in the same building as a confirmed COVID-19 case, or with people under home quarantine, they are required to work from home.

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