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Baggage Storage and Delivery Service Contractor’s Former Staff Infected with COVID-19<br>Relevant Areas Cleaned and Disinfected


(HONG KONG, 1 August 2020, 1600hrs)  –  Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA) today was informed by S.F. Express (Hong Kong) Limited (S.F Express), the contractor providing baggage storage and delivery service, that a former staff working at the airport’s baggage storage and delivery counter has been confirmed to be infected with COVID-19. The staff has already left the company. The staff’s last day of work was on 25 July. The relevant working area has been cleaned and disinfected.

S.F. Express has arranged for staff members working in the same shift as the infected staff to undergo COVID-19 test and wait for the results at home. To maintain essential services of the airport, S.F. Express will arrange other staff who have no contact with the infected staff to be on duty. The baggage storage and delivery service operated at the airport is open until 2330hrs today, and the service hours will be shortened to 0900hrs to 1800hrs from 2 to 5 August.

The AA will keep in close contact with the Department of Health, and facilitate its close contact tracing work if necessary.

The infected staff had bought takeaway meal at the airport’s restaurant can.teen and 7-Eleven convenient store the day the staff last reported duty. Both the restaurant and convenience store will undergo disinfection and cleaning.

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